Hana Yori Dango Returns!

Ikuta as Oribe Junpei the creepo

Ikuta as Oribe Junpei the creeper

HanaDan, HanaDan, HanaDannn. I was kinda happy that there was a second season… but even I was totally annoyed at the melodrama and Domyoji’s apparent bitchyness.

Well… basically I had fun watching the second season, but I spent more time being really, really annoyed at the characters then actually enjoying the drama…

ALSO, WTF was with Domyoji getting AMNESIA? Woops, sorry, spoiler… I was soooo disappointed. I’m saying all this, but really I would have been more sad if they hadn’t made a second season at all. Because then they wouldn’t have made a movie! And I still love the characters, even if they ARE being crappy.

To sums it up… HanaDan 1 is SO much better. Don’t be turned off if you see the second season first! It’s actually worth it to watch the second season though. I tried to REWATCH it though, and it was like having my body dragged across a bed of nails. That’s just insanity. No need to watch it twice.

eeps, Mao's expression looks a little creepy...

eeps, Mao's expression is looking a little creepy...


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