Attention Please=…a little boring?

Along with Kurosagi, Seigi no Mikata, and One Pound Gospel (which I just finished), I’m also watching Attention Please! with Ueto Aya & Nishikido Ryo… I actually started watching just as filler so that I could savor Kurosagi (its been reallllly hard ><)… but I’m kind of enjoying it. I’m not always really eager to see the next episode, but that could be a good thing… esp. since I have so much homework.

Yes, it is episodic and a little cheesy… but if you’re bored and are either savoring Kurosagi or DYING waiting for the next Seigi no Mikata, it’s interesting. Mainly I just thought it would be cool to see how a flight attendants job goes. When I flew as an unaccompanied minor, I would always ask them whats it like to be a flight attendant but they’re so vague and smiley that I never actually got an answer, I just got ditched by the restroom…

But actually, its not much of a premise for a story. And to tell the truth, I’m not a big Aya fan… or Nishikido Ryo fan…

I plan on finishing Attention Please, but its getting a bit old.


One Response to Attention Please=…a little boring?

  1. bubblegirlsunite says:

    Attention please was AWESOME SAUCE XD hohohoho XD i liked it a lot >_> finished it in a day

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