Bone and Nausicaa

I just read Bone. I dunno, I just got really into it. I borrowed the 9 volumes in one edition from a friend and read all 1332 pages. It was really good. It kinda reminded me of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (the 7 volume graphic novel series by Hayao Miyazaki, not the Studio Ghibli film). Someone gave me the complete set of Nausicaa awhile ago… and it was so creepy yet cool. I’ve heard that a complete set of those books is worth a lot of money. But I’ll never sell mine~

I really liked Bone because although the characters sorta learn lessons, they don’t really become totally new and wonderful people… except Thorn…  I mean the three Bones don’t really change. Which is nice. Because you get really sick of that classic “Epic Quest” story line.

I liked Nausicaa because it had that eerie feeling. Its not really similar to Bone, but Bone reminded me of it. I got the same feeling from both comics.

Plus, Bone totally has comic relief, which makes it easier on the brain…

By comparison, Nausicaa is more serious. But as for me, I didnt read Nausicaa straight through because I get depressed when I can’t laugh… I read Bone straight through. I would recommend both of them.




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