My obsession with The Matrix

I should definitely comment on this… I LOVE THE MATRIX. It was my one love until Kurosagi came along… I know that Keanu is so easy to make fun of… but the Matrix is just totally mind blowing. The first time I watched it I was about to just watch it again as soon as I finished.

It's the Matrix...

Its… my attempts totally fail to describe it. If you have not watched it yet and you call yourself a human, GO DO SO. NOW. Ohhhh my god. The only thing more unbelievable than the Matrix is the fact that it turned into a trilogy… and sorta SUCKED A LOT.

(I cant believe I got myself started on this…) Okay, so the Matrix Reloaded was OKAY. It was kinda nice to see a plot continuation, and of course the special effects were AWESOME, but… it started to feel like too much… especially with the stupid cliffhanger at the end that made you HAVE to go watch the Matrix Revolutions. So I did, and it was SO TERRIBLEEEE. Even without the painful love scenes between Keanu and Carrie-Ann Moss… (and those were SO PAINFUL… so cheesy… *twitches* *crumbles into dust*) the whole “defending Zion! Its the last stand!” thing was so lame; the special effects didn’t go up to  new level, if anything they got worse, and the freaking outlets on the back of they’re heads looked so fake! The whole time I just wanted to go rip them off and smack the make up person upside the head. The movie was so worthless, I actually wish I’d just gone and read the spoilers to find out what happens in the plot (which was also stupid).

To sum this rant up, the Matrix would have had an incredible effect as a stand-alone movie, it would have been more of a statement and less of a franchise. What were you thinking, Wachowski Brothers? What WERE you thinking…


4 Responses to My obsession with The Matrix

  1. livingdeadgrrl says:

    One night, my husband and I entertained ourselves by watching the Matrix movies. At some point, in the beginning of watching the trilogy, I remarked that I wanted to prove the premise that the reason Neo was “The One” because he was so stupid. Constantly, you can construe him as behaving in a way that indicates he has no earthly (or matrixy) idea what is going on, and that is his power.

    Just think about it. . .

  2. jeanniex1 says:

    HAHA that could be so true. although it might just be Keanu’s acting… I never thought of it that way before.

  3. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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