Seigi no Mikata 9!

KYAAAAAA! *fangirl SCREAM* Wow I’m soooooo excited for Seigi no Mikata episode 10!!!!! SO EXCITING!! But i think its the last one… so sad… Wow, Naoki finally finds out… I kinda thought that he might reform Makiko or turn out to be tough, but by now, I’m pretty sure Makiko is not getting reformed… at least not by Naoki… or anyone… OH DEAR what will happen? Its always at this point in dramas that the characters start being really annoying and doing stupid things. Why didn’t you tell him “Dont go”, Yooooouko?

Makiko’s expressions were so hilarious when she couldnt eat the suppon! I was kinda freaked out when they started eating the blood, though.

Im really happy I could watch it because yesterday night my speakers broke just as I was about to watch. It was so sad… I stayed up really late trying to fix them, but in the end I couldn’t watch it… Until today when I found some old speakers that miraculously still work!

Poor Riku chan…


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