…what? Arashi and… Haddaway?

So I’ve been looking through all the subbed trailers for HanaDan Final to pass the time waiting for it to be released on DVD and subbed… and I started paying attention to the Movie theme song, another one by Arashi… of course, because MatsuJun has been in the two TV seasons AND he is now in the movie. Arashi’s theme songs are all so happy go lucky. The first season theme song was Wish… the second was Love So Sweet, and now the Movie’s theme song is called One Love. ANYWAY, trust me, I DO have a point here, and this is it: They play music during lunch at my school on fridays, and this song came on called What Is Love? by Haddaway… do you remember that song? Its some insane 90’s dance song. I only recognized it because its a theme in that movie A Night at the Roxbury! AND IT SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE THE CHORUS OF ARASHI’s ONE LOVE!

So go look up both the music videos on youtube, and tell me, AM I INSANE or am I an auditory genius?



lol, again....

lol, again....

Well… it turns out that even though the 90s were totally lame, maybe they produced some good laughs… XD


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