Blade Runner

Oh man. This movie is actually really cool. Even if you’re not into most sci-fi things (I’m not), it’s really interesting. And it’s not just because of Harrison Ford. Its really amazing that this movie was made in the early 80’s and yet it manages not to be extremely cheesy. It’s also really cool to see how people used to think the future would turn out. One of the things that saves this from being a massive hunk of cheese is the fact that rather than using cheesy special effects, the directors chose to make the best use of design elements… Aside from all that, it’s just really interesting. And kinda freaky. It’s that same feeling! The creepy yet really really intoxicating one like Mononoke Hime and V For Vendetta. It’s not outright scary ever (except when that creepo Norwegian looking guy takes his pants off and starts beating peope up. THAT was freaky o.0), but its more eerie and cool. Plus the 80’s were awesome in their awesome way.


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