Hana Kimi

*cracks knuckles* It’s about time I wrote this review… because Hana Kimi is one of the best dramas out there even with all its flaws… in my humble opinion, of course. I’m sure there are more dramatic, serious, and statement-making shows, but Hana Kimi is simply awesome.



Obviously I’m talking about the Japanese version… as I mentioned before, I don’t generally watch Taiwanese or Chinese drama. I did watch the Taiwanese Hana Kimi, though. (More on that later. This space is reserved for Japan Hana Kimi) Oh, and about KDrama… I did start Time Between Dog and Wolf… and some others look interesting, but… after watching Bobby Lee’s parody of Korean Drama on MadTV there’s just no way I can watch any of it without laughing really really hard at all the wrong parts. Go look it up on Youtube, it might be the funniest thing I’ve seen,

BACK to the topic – HANA KIMIIIII!!!!! Oh before I go into detail about this shows fantasticness, I have to say how INCREDIBLY EXCITED I AM FOR HANA KIMI SPECIAL to be released in October


I LOVE THE ACTORS. Ikuta Toma totally stole the whole show from Oguri Shun, but I like Oguri too. And this was the first thing I noticed Maki in, she’s quite good in Nobuta wo Produce. Although she really looks nothing like a boy…

So now I have to explain my argument of why the JDrama is better than the TWDrama and even the manga. Before you judge, let me say: I actually read Hana Kimi wayyy before I’d even heard of anything about either drama. And I sort of liked it. But it always bothered me that Mizuki didn’t annoy the hell out of everybody because of her stupid reason for even coming to Osaka Gakuen in the first place. In the book, the only reason she came is because she just wanted to meet Sano, her idol. How can that NOT make you want to smack her? And then, everything works out with Sano, happy happy, and then if you’re like me, you just get hella pissed off.  The TWDrama was better because it actually gave Mizuki a better reason for coming in the first place… but it still wasn’t quite right.

Now in the JDrama, they give Mizuki this classicly soap-opera-y reason for coming to see Sano… and yet, somehow, Maki can pull it off… that in itself is totally amazing and saves the whole plotline. And then, we get Ikuta, Oguri, Mizushima Hiro, Yamamoto Yusuke, Shirota Yu and those hilarious guys that plays Oscar M. Himejima and Tennouji…

And it’s REALLY FUNNY. Even without the whole plot, I would have loved it just to see what happens at Osaka Gakuen each episode. It makes you wish you could go to school there. It’s so wonderfully foolish and full of Japanese humor.


kawaiiiii! i love everyone's expressions.

Sigh… so many funny moments…




I love the three dorm leaders and Hibari FOUR! also…

soo funny
Hibari is punishing Oscar... haha.

Hibari punishing Oscar

If you liked Seigi no Mikta and HanaDan and you have a sense of humor, you need to watch this. Ikuta fans, I will personally shun you if you have not watched this yet. Same goes for Maki and Oguri fans.


One Response to Hana Kimi

  1. SweetDreams says:

    this show was hillarous!!! one of my all time faves
    loved nakatsu, and oscar, and basically everyone else ^_^

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