Harrison Ford is… The Fugitive!

More action movies… its so weird that my two favorite things are Japanese dramas that can get pretty sappy (that Hana Kimi ending? Where she has to say goodbye to everyone and everyone has to CRY for like 30 minutes? Yeah.) and then the action movies about anti heros and drugs and interpol… haha. I am sooo weird.

Anyways, I am such a sucker for Harrison Ford movies. I know, I know, you dont have to tell me, i already KNOW I’m a sucker… and I guess Indiana Jones was a little too cheesy even for me… but theres this movie from 1992 that NOBODY has heard of now, which is really sad because its SO GOOD, and I think it even won some awards or something… plus it has Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, those gritty actiony dudes… lol.

The Fugitive!

The Fugitive!

This movie is soooo fast paced. I promise, you will not be bored at all. But its not that cheap action that a lot of movies use to keep violence lovers happy… its so good. And you have to take into account that Harrison Ford was getting pretty old when he made this… and he still insisted on doing most of his own stunts. Guy was really into acting.  Tommy Lee Jones’ character was very Tommy Lee Jones-ish… if you’re into really good action with an actual PLOT and dont mind watching something a little dated, DEFINITELY watch this.


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