Manga turned Dorama

I like seeing manga turned into dramas, because its fun to see how they interpret it. And if you love the manga and are afraid someone will ruin it, you don’t HAVE to watch it. Also, a lot of the dramas I like have started out as manga. Ummm Kurosagi, Hana Kimi, Hana Yori Dango, Seigi no Mikata, Antique Bakery, One Pound Gospel, etc etc. Yeah, that is a lot, huh? Of course it also depends on the actors who portray the characters… a lot of times, a good actor can actually make the original character better. (aka Maki as Mizuki…)

But I just thought of some manga I read that would be interesting to see as dramas, even if they would totally ruin it…

Top 5 Manga That Should Be Made Into Dramas

1. KODOMO NO OMOCHA This would be soooo fun to see as a drama. I love the manga, sorta like the anime… so why not try a drama? But I dont think it could possibly come anywhere near the manga. They might have trouble finding an actress weird enough to play Sana… Also, it would be really strange if the live action was about 6th & 7th graders… they would seem wayyyy to young. It would have to be moved up to maybe 8th & 9th graders.

2. KARE KANO Hmmm… this would most definitely be totally ruined. Again, would be hard to find an actress weird enough to play Yukino. It’d still be interesting to see the TV stations TRY.

3. FRUITS BASKET I know what you’re thinking… I can already hear the screams of pain at the risk of this being turned into a soulless TV franchise… but you have to admit, it would be fun to see what they’d make of it. I wonder how they’d do the transformations… it would probably be really cheesy… like, POOF! Lol. I’m already laughing. See, I would be able to laugh it off if it was really awful, but I know a lot of Furuba fans out there would start to plan a mob… Of course I already know that no drama could ever live up to the manga, but I would be really interested if they ever do release a Furuba Live.

4. GIRL GOT GAME (POWER!) This might be overshadowed by Hana Kimi if it made it to the drama world, but the difference between Hana Kimi and this is that the manga was already really good… Hana Kimi manga I think tried to make something really silly with a weak plot into something serious, while Girl Got Game totally acknowledged that it was ridiculous from the start. This might not be ruined, actually… it would be really funny. But since Hana Kimi has already been released (and dont get me wrong, I would be totally deprived if it hadn’t been), I don’t think this one will ever turn into a Live. Of course, some smarty pants out there might realize how popular Hana Kimi has been and… hmmmm…

5. PEACH GIRL Actually, since I’ve heard good things about LIFE, which was from a manga, this might not be ruined either… but I don’t know if I could stand watching the plot again… I was in such pain the whole time… I was always yelling things like, NO TOJI YOU STUPID)&@$)&)(@!)(&#_(*(^!!!! or, KILEY, WHYYYYYY??? Or MOMO )&@#)*(^$()*^@_(!_(&$@(*)& YOU! Yeah. it would probably be even worse to see it live. But, I would definitely watch it anyway. I love Kiley’s character. XD Sae was pretty awesomely nasty, too.


One Response to Manga turned Dorama

  1. feyfeyfey says:

    peach girl is my favorite manga of all time. they made a taiwanese show out of peach girl but i dont like it at all! i wish they’d make a japanese version. i have a post about the “LIFE” jdrama on my blog, real good

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