Nobuta wo Produce is really, really good. Like, I mean even the cinematography is good. I’ve learned not to expect good cinematography from TV shows. (not that I know ANYTHING about cinematography…) Plus, I mean… Yamaki? Do you even have to ask before downloading everyone single episode?

I’m usually really bad about bullying dramas because I get way too anxious and worried about the characters and I just want to scream NOOOO! THAT PERSON IS EVIL! But this has Maki in it. She’s really a versatile actress. I mean, before this I had seen her in Hana Kimi… and I was like.. NO WAY THAT IS NOT THE SAME PERSON. She’s so good. The ending was sad, but I’m glad it wasn’t sappy. It was actually happy in that Japanese way. Yay, Yamapi! And Kame~ they’re so funny and CUTE together! Lol.

I love Nobuta power~

I dunno if i have a weird sense of humor or what, but I actually found this drama pretty funny… I’m glad it could keep its funny parts even though you’d think it’d be really depressing.

To sum it up: The actors are so good, and they make you totally care about the characters, so if the plot got shaky, I’m sorry I didn’t notice… I was entranced by Shuji to Akira to Nobuta. Watch it!



2 Responses to Nobuta POWER… CHUUUU!

  1. kame pi says:

    this is one of the best dramas japan had. roles portrayed by promising actors who can make the audience feel what is going on with the characters, esp with shuji. Very nice cast, very nice story, superb script. everything is well done.

  2. jeanniex1 says:

    yes. Nobuta Power! XD

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