One Pound Gospel

This show, along with Nobuta wo Produce, made me totally love Kame… hes so kawaii and dense in this show… I didn’t think anybody would keep watching this if they didn’t like boxing (which I totally, totally DO!), but after a few episodes, boxing kinda takes the backseat (sniff… I do see how it gets really repetitive though). I think as a drama, this wasn’t one of the best, but I really liked it because I LOVE boxing, I love food, I love Kame, I love seeing Kame boxing, I love seeing Kame eating, and I just think its totally hilarious that its about nuns and pro boxers.

The host guy who was Japan’s Champion was so weird… And OH MY GOD the lady who plays Sister Angela is sooooo pretty 0.0 She’s part South American…

Of course, that doesn’t mean I LIKE her… but she did a good job playing an annoying person. GOD Sister Angela was annoying! SHE WAS SO ANNOYING. I am a compassionate person, however, and grew to accept her… but there were a couple times I just wanted to make a cameo on the show and smack her in the head!

I LOVED the bullied kid, too. (played by Yamada Ryosuke) He was SO freakin adorable. I just wanted to go squeesh his cheeks! Im weird, huh. Lol. Actually he looks a lot like my friend. Kinda like, if you cross Yamada with Yamapi… haha. My friend is lucky to be so kawaii. Wow, now that I think of it, I’m amazed at the resemblence…

To sums it up: I really enjoyed this show, and you will too if you like Kame, Yamada, boxing, food and can tolerate Sister Angela.


4 Responses to One Pound Gospel

  1. dEe sHaMaY says:

    when i had watch this dorama….

    u’r soo cuuuteee…

    so different between OPG and NWP…

  2. jeanniex1 says:

    I know. In Nobuta, Kame is all… I dunno. But then I saw him here, it was really surprising. Good actor XD
    But he’s so tiny. Flyweight boxing is the section for people who weigh like 108 pounds… o.0

  3. ja says:

    i also never though that Kame nicely deliver the OA type of acting. I always though he is best with serious roles like in Gkusen, NWP, and Tatta Hitotsu. he just proved me wrong. What can I say> He is very convincing with his roles. He acts it with passion and conviction. That is really a turn on.

  4. jeanniex1 says:

    definitely =)

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