V For Vendetta

Even though I dissed the Wachowski Brothers because of the Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions, I do love them. Because they made not only the awesomeness that is the Matrix, but also V For Vendetta, one of my other favorite action movies.

Yeah, Hugo Weaving is the same guy who plays Mr Smith in the Matrix… but of course, you don’t see his face in V For Vendetta because he plays V, who wears a mask. Natalie Portman was incredibly good. She’s one of my favorite people because of this. Generally I don’t really go for the American celebs, but she is just so good. I liked Garden State, too.

This movie was almost as mind blowing as the Matrix… I mean it wasn’t totally like … WHAT WAS THAT AWESOMENESS THAT I’M ONLY JUST STARTING TO COMPREHEND, but it was really really good. Since it was from a comic, it could easily have been cheesy and childish, but the comic was originally a graphic novel aimed at adults. The Wachowski Bros interpreted it really well.

All hail the mighty Wachowski Bros (despite their mistakes with making the Matrix a franchise…!)


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