Nodame ep 1 & Seigi no Mikata ep 10!



I hope theres a second season though… it would be sad if there is only 10 episodes. ;_; (I’m listening to Bjork. Shes scary. o.0. She looks kinda cute yet like a robot… and then she screams a lot. Kowaii…) Well I think I’ll watch it tomorrow. I have no hard drive space left so I can’t download it. Plus I;m suppossed to be doing homework at this very moment, I was just too excited.

Yesterday I watched Nodame Cantabile episode 1. I like it… I don’t know if someone who doesn’t like piano could watch more than 5 minutes, though… Anyway, it made me want to go play the piano for like 3 hours. So I didn’t get any homework done yesterday either. Also, I don’t know if this is another crazy weird song association, but isn’t the duet they play the same as the one that’s play in Ouran HS HC? Does anyone have any idea what I’m talking about? *_*Anyway, that song got stuck in my head, but there’s so many trills that you can’t really sing it, so it was just playing in my head the whole day. It was really really annoying. Like I would be talking to someone, and then it would start playing and I’d be like SHUT UP! And they’d be like … what? Hah. I creep myself out.

Yay, I like Chiaki. The way he dresses reminds of a furuba character. Like Haari or Kureno =). I’m excited for epi 2. But I have to watch S no M 10 first!!!!!! XD and then read the manga…

Now that I wrote that thing about the movie The Promise, I really want to watch it. D’; I need a DVD player…

Homework awaits… Uploaders, upload S no M 10 while I’m away por favor~!


4 Responses to Nodame ep 1 & Seigi no Mikata ep 10!

  1. hugglez says:

    Yea it’s the same piece…YAY! I thought that I was the only one who thought that!!!:P

  2. jeanniex1 says:

    I finally figured out what it is, too…
    Mozart’s 2 piano sonata in D major K. 448

  3. vipgal says:

    i really wanna know what dress nodame was wearing at viera’s concert in the opening of the europe special episode 1 its so nice!

  4. jeanniex1 says:

    Lol I love all her clothes

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