Nodame 2 & 3; Seigi no Mikata Finale

Yesterday I finally watched the Seigi no Mikata Finale! I finished my homework at 12:30… and so I thought, what the hell, I might as well watch it… I’m so sad that it ended. It’s so, so sad! It would be awesome if there was a special, but it might mess up the ending. So the finale was pretty crazy. Like even crazier then Seigi episodes usually are. Hah. The part with Riku was so cuuuute! XD

Well in the meantime, I have NODAME CANTABILE. It’s at a slow point right now… I just finished episode 3. I still like it, of course, but I want something to happen. The conductor is so mysterious. Old-man-pervy-conductor-genius? Or just Old-man-perv? Hmmmmm. Still on Kurosagi episode 6. Man, none of the dramas I’ve watched really equal Hana Kimi and Hana Yori Dango in the exciting drama factor. I really miss it. I’m pretty psyched for HanaDan Final. It’s kinda killing me to wait. I’m might get really desperate and rewatch all of HanaDan 1 & 2 while I’m waiting for the English subs. Something thats been bothering me… lately Veoh has had really bad quality videos that don’t even load in the time it takes me to eat dinner and take a bath. I used to watch almost everything on Veoh, but its dissapointed me… I can’t find good quality versions of ANYTHING anymore. The place I’ve been watching Kurosagi is almost decent, but on crunchyroll, Seigi no Mikata and Nodame Cantabile are really pixelated. I guess the only way to get good quality is to download… but I dont have the hard drive space and whenever I try to download something, it always screws up. My eyes are gonna start twitching all the time now. Gyeh.

Today was the first cloudy day >< Yesterday I was almost sick of the sunny days, and wishing for cloudy ones, but as sonn as the sun went away it feel really stifling. It hasn’t even started to get cold yet, either. It only goes downhill from here. (although… lets see, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Birthday, Holidays, New Years… at least theres things to look forward to)

I’m not cut out to write a blog… I get sick of things to quickly. -_- Plus I can’t think of anything to write about. I mean other than my life, which I’m not gonna write about because it’s MY life.Yes, I do actually have a life. Surprised?

OH WAIT I thought of something. Yamapi’s hair! It just kills me. Whats with the mop style?? Go back to the way it was before D: Like in Kurosagi DX And thats another thing. Why do white boys always have stupid hair? Its always cut in that mop/beanie style. Totally uncool. Make it like Kurosagi XD Well thats enough about hair. Anyways I shouldn’t be talking, I need a haircut already, too.

Ahhh no homework. And tomorrow is Friday! This weekend I will definitely get stuff done! NO MORE SLACKING.


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