Kotatsu, Nodame & Green Tea

Yes. This is a kotatsu. It is also the only actual item on my wish list. (“Clothes”, “CDs”, “DVDs”, and “Books” doesn’t count. Too vague.) I really really need it. Its actually necessary to my life. And grades. You see, its starting to get dark really quickly. Wayyyy too quickly. In the winter, there is a LOT of homework. In the winter, it’s cold and dark when you are suppossed to be doing homework. Rather than staring at endless pages of worthless assignments, you would rather be huddled next to a warm and dancing flame clutching at your last hope of survival, a smore, before you are forced to actually leave your house and go to the convenience store. I think a kotatsu would help. I found a couple on ebay… but I’m a little worried about the shipping costs. Well anyway thats what I want. Also, my “Wish List” is different from my “Expensive Items” List. That includes, 1. A laptop 2. An iPod with good memory 3. A baby grand piano 4. One of those super cool apartments downtown 5. A little piece of paper that says “First Class Ticket to Japan” and when you wave it in front of the airlines people they quickly escort you to the best seat on the plane.

NOT happening.

Other things I’ve been doing: Reading the V For Vendetta comic. I have to say I actually liked the movie better, but thats probably because I saw it first. And because it was awesome. They were pretty different. But both good.

Watching Nodame Cantabile. I’m actually enjoying it a lot. All my craving for real drama will hopefully be cured by reading some stupid teen romance novels… and then I can get back to Kurosagi. Its really sad because I love it so much (Kurosagi) but its all episodic… Bad decision, TV producers!!! I like all the songs they play in Nodame! Like Rhapsody in Blue, with the bear-looking mongoose costume! It was so cute! I’ve had the sheet music laying around for awhile, but when I saw it in Nodame I was inspired to actually play it! (Its the simple version). I think they play Rondo Alla Turca also, which I have. I like the Mozart for 2 pianos! I did figure out that its the Sonata in D Major K 448. But I cant play it… only one piano ><

Is that WAY too much about piano? I feel really inspired… haha. Practice, practice! I kinda wish I live in Iron Man’s house. Hah, I know thats really random, but I cant play the piano at night because of my neighbor… and I always feel like playing at night. If I live in Iron Man’s house, I could play whenever I want.

I watched episodes 4-5, I’m about to go watch episode 6. (Nodame)

I also bought some more green tea… the Stash Green Tea sampler. Last time I got it, I fell in love with the Chai Green Tea. I know its sounds really really weird, but it tastes like green tea ice cream! You can put milk in and its tastes super good! I like the Sushi Bar Green Tea too. Yum.

Oh and I got a haircut. It was too long. The lady put too much goop in my hair though. Too many weird hair products! At least they smell good =D Want my kotatsu! Also my asian gangster jacket! You know, like the one Eiji wears in Antique Bakery. I dont care if its tacky! I’ve really wanted one for sooo long. I cant find it anywhere, though. Sad… I must away to ebay!


2 Responses to Kotatsu, Nodame & Green Tea

  1. Kim says:

    Where did you get your kotatsu? I want one! ;-(

  2. jeanniex1 says:

    i really want one too!!!
    i just stole a picture from google images to add to the effect (;
    but i wish it was mine
    i’ve looked lots of places and on forums, but the only place i could find a decent priced kotatsu was on ebay… theyre between $100 and $300
    good luck with the bidding though… the prices go up really fast ><

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