I finished Nodame Cantabile =D

I love, love, love it! I was so happy about the Specials! Not 1 two-hour long special, but 2~! I wonder if they actually filmed int Paris. Probably not, but you know it was still really cool. Some other things… I really liked Nodame’s philosophy about dresses. I like to wear dresses to cuz its so easy to pull on a dress rather than having to go find a tank top a top a sweatshirt, a skirt, or jeans… >< its nice to be lazy. Anyway I like Nodame’s outfits. And then Chiaki is all Black and gray and white… haha. But of course it suits him very well.

And the mongoose costume was so cute!

I’ve been inspired to play the piano now >< I coincidentally found sheet music for Rhapsody in Blue, adn Pathetique. I have Rondo Alla Turca too. I really want to play the Mozart Sonata in D Major, the 2 piano one. It seems kinda like the 1st piano would sound ok by itself. I have to go find the sheet music, though.

On another note… I’m still searching for my kotatsu. I found one on ebay, but im not that great at bidding and sniping. It was a miracle that time I got my ipod for $66. Bwahaha. It took foreeever to find a decently priced ipod though. And then the bidding and the sniping was horrible. Anyway I’m starting to think its gonna be impossible to get a kotatsu for less than $200. Aghh.

Kurosagi: still havnt watched any more of it. I think my love for kurosagi somehow died inexplicably. Maybe Nodame took its place. Well, I’m definitely finishing that one. Attention Please… not so much. I WILL finish it eventually and everything… I’ll probably start a new one before I finish Kurosagi.

I thinl I’m still waiting for the HanaDan movie to be subbed, and for the Hana Kimi Special. If they release it on time, 12 more days o.0 and then the horrible waiting-for-subs period. I should really learn more Japanese. I mean, I could pick it up fast enough if I went to Japan, but with my current savings thats not happening anytime soon… concentrating on Spanish right now.

More later.


One Response to Updates~

  1. Tyler says:

    You can go to ebay and save a search for those keywords. Then, when an item is listed with the keywords in the title, you’ll get an email letting you know.

    The emails are sent out once a day. To see how to do that, you can watch the video here(the last minute or 2 shows how):

    Because those words are relatively difficult to spell, you may want to try a misspelling search as well.

    The video at the link above shows a site where you can search ebay for misspellings, however, you can search and save them at ebuyersedge.com.

    Instead of searching ebay once a day as ebay itself does for the notifications it sends out, ebuyersedge searches every 15 minutes to hopefully give you a jump on anyone else who may have also saved the same keyword search as you.

    As far as sniping, you can use an automated service such as hidbid, bidball, bidnip, etc. so you don’t have to be at your computer when the auction ends.

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