It Started With A Kiss: COMPLETED

October 27, 2008

Yes, I mentioned earlier that I finished ISWAK after a  very long marathon. All had to do was get to the second to last episode, and that made me quite happy. I actually prefer episode 29 to episode 30, the finale. That wedding was just too… too… WHY WOULD XIANG QIN MAKE ZHI SHU DRESS UP AS A GIRL?? Its like shes trying to make him hate her and RIGHT after he decided he liked her too. *sigh* Whatever shall we do with you, Xiang Qin?



Sorry if that was a spoiler… this is supposed to be a complete review (basically its just me blabbering whatever comes to my head that has remotely anything to do with ISWAK).

OH! Just now I found a set of Nobuta wo Produce episodes 1-10 plus the special torrent file! yayy. Wow that doesnt even have ANYTHING to do with ISWAK.

Alright: Main Summary and Opinion:

Ehhhh I dont feel like summarizing. *googles* *copies* *pastes*

After an earthquake destroyed Xiang Qin’s house, she and her father moved in with the family of her father’s college buddy, Uncle Ah Li. To her surprise, the kind and amicable aunt and uncle are the parents of her cold and distant schoolmate Jiang Zhi Shu, a genius with an IQ of 200 whom not too long ago rejected her endless crush on him. Will the close proximity give her a second chance to win Zhi Shu’s heart? Or, will her love for him end under his cold words? What happens when there is competition for his heart?

Opinion time!

I LOVEEEEEEEE the chemistry between Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin.

Well… When I watched the bloopers I realized Joe Cheng is kinda creepy. Have you heard him laugh? I think I got shivers. But then when he plays Zhi Shu he’s super cool. Amazing. Whats also amazing is that usually when the female lead is idiotic and does stupid things, you just really dont like her, but somehow Xiang Qin gets away with it.

After watching the first episode, which I didn’t really like, I just knew it would get so much better. Anyways, if I went back and watched the first episode now I probably wouldn’t dislike it as much.

I learned some Mandarin!

Ai = Love

Wo = I

Ta = He/She

Ni = You

add -men to the end and you get plural. (ex Tamen = they)

Amazing how educational these shows are. XD

Back to the point: I can’t decide if I like Jiro or not. I’ve only seen him in Hana Kimi and ISWAK, and he played a similar character (energetic rejected wannabe lover) in both. And also, in both, he was just kind of a nuisance. So I guess I don’t really dislike Jiro himself, I just haven’t liked his characters.

Awwww so cute

In conclusion… I really liked this. I could be wayyy more criticizing and find all the bad points but I dont wanna. It was fun to watch because it’s not really trying to be anything other than a romance. A good romance. XD

My first episode of They Kiss Again (ISWAK 2) just finished DL-ing. I reallllly have to watch it. I’m scared for the new rivals and misunderstandings. Sometimes when they misunderstand each other its so hard to watch. “NOOO I cant watch!” is what I yell. But.. how could I not watch it? Yayyyy 30 more episodes of wonderful~!



October 27, 2008

I actually went and installed utorrent just so I could download and watch this. Although, yeah, I was gonna install it anyway… Wow suddenly there is SOOO much hard drive space!!!!!! I’m downloading like 25 episodes at once right now. o.0

Yeah, I’m excited.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to use torrents >< I forgot how much I love them.

Back to Hana Kimi:

Yayyy special! I watched it at 1:00 this morning. It was very pleasing. I couldn’t get used to Sano’s hair cut, though. Also, he must have started using conditioner. I LOVED SEEING NAKATSU AGAINNNN! It was fun. Remember these pics?

So let me explain: this episode takes place right before the 3 dorm heads (and Hibari’s) graduations. But most of it is like episode 7.5 because Nakatsu is reminiscing and wondering when Sano first started to like Mizuki. Remember how at the end of episode 7, they were still on summer break and Sano told MIzuki not to go back to America?

Well, after that is when Julia (Ashiya’s american friend. Remember? She was in the manga and TW version) comes to visit. Also included in episode 7.5 is Nakatsu’s soccer dream, and a capture the flag dorm competition.

Basically, its like an episode within a special. When Nakatsu is done reminiscing and episode 7.5 is over, then we have the 3 dorm heads and Hibari’s graduation scene.

Sorry I dont have any pictures. =(

What did I think of it? Again, it was pleasing. But they never have enough Sano X Mizuki moments. I still love them. But mostly I just wanted to see Nakatsu. Nanba was fun to see again too, and also Umeda, and Kayashima of course! Although even Sekime (Sekimaro? Sekitsuma? Lol), yes, that Sekime, had more lines than him. 😥

But actually, I like Sano too! XD


What has been happening in the last 3 days?

October 22, 2008

1. I finished ISWAK! I’ll write my summary/review soon.

2. I got a new computerrrrr!!! SO MUCH HARD DRIVE SPACE! It came with a DVD burner. Yeah, I’m happy.

3. The REASON I got a new computer is my old one completely crashed. And I lost my entire itunes library. I’m a little bit sad.

4. I’ve been reading the novel Kamikaze Girls. I think I’ll watch the movie.

Oh and this:

Normally I wont shut up about “individuality” and all that, and I’ve always been really grateful that we can choose (generally) whatever we want to wear to schools in America. But godammit recently I’ve been wishing I got to wear a cute uniform. And even though there aren’t really any advantages (ok, so you get to sleep 5 extra minutes because you dont have to choose an outfit) for some reason I just really want one.

Back to Kamikaze Girls: recently I’ve only been interested in books that are like post apocalyptic and weird. I just got so tired of the same same same teen fiction. Its all so shallow. But anyway I picked up this book anyways. Its such a fun book to read! Maybe its just because its set in Japan and thats interesting, or because Yankis are funny, but I’m really enjoying it. Also, remember how I decided not to watch anything during the week? Having this book is helping. Seriously, what I want to do right now is DL every single Lawyers of Korea episode and have a marathon, and the finish Kurosagi and start They Kiss Again (ISWAK 2).

But I have to stop myself. I’ll get the Kamikaze Girls movie to watch on the weekend. I WILL NOT start ISWAK 2 (yet). But if the Hana Kimi special’s subs are released I will HAVE to make an exception. Of course. How could I not? XD

Hook, Line & Sinker?

October 14, 2008

… is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about how I have fallen for It Started With A Kiss. >.> Does anyone know that phrase? I’m guessing it’s really old because I heard my grandpa say it. Haha. ARGH how can I be such a sucker? ISWAK has become the new source of drama in my life. I’m on episode 11. I love that in a japanese drama it would be practically over, but ISWAK has… 50 more episodes? XD I’ll be really sad when it’s over, though. But I guess then I can kill my drama addiction by watching Devil Besdie You. And then in the meantimes when I’ve calmed down I can watch the things I’ve been MEANING to watch, like Maou and finishig Kurosagi.

Anyways, arent they cuteee?

teeheehee. I like how Zhi Shu is actually quite cold and doesnt immediately fall for her even though we all know he’s going to. *cough*

But then again, even after that ^ he’s still cold which makes it more interesting. It’s so hilarious when he’s teasing her. Bwahaha. And I’m STILL surprised that it doesn’t annoy me when Xiang Qin does idiotic things. Why doesn’t it?? I don’t even know…

EEPS/. Gotta go write some essays. o.0 I will be up late tonight~ But no matter what, even when I finish my homework at 3:00, I always stay up to relax and watch new episodes. I can wait for a few more hours to watch ISWAK. 😀

Seigi No Mikata REVIEW

October 13, 2008

Its time to wrap up everything about Seigi no Mikata! I finished watching it awhile ago, but I never got around to summing it up in one post.

I really, really enjoyed watching this show. I was always really anxious for the next episode release and I never got bored with it. Looking back, it’s not the most memorable or incredibly executed drama, but it is HIGHLY entertaining and I wouldn’t miss it if I were you. It’s filled with good comedy, which 2008’s fall drama season seems to be lacking in… (this season is a bit of a let down after Summer.)

Anyway, the basic outline of SM is the story of Youko (Shida Mirai), and her evil older sister Makiko (Yamada Yu). Youko gets ordered around and lives her life in sync with her nee-san’s demands, which include getting together with Yoshikawa and pulling off greedy stunts that end up doing other people good – by accident. Because the older sister is always benefiting other people, she earns the title “Seigi no Mikata” or “Ally of Justice”. Youko has to help her out of tight spots. Youko also gets to have a fun relationship with Hongo Kanata’s character Riku (bwahaha).

Lots of joke oppurtunities and Youko and Riku are fun to watch. XD

Watching Makiko abuse Youko’s weak mindedness is not for the faint hearted. HOW CAN SHE LET HERSELF BE USED LIKE THAT you ask. Is it a little sadistic to think it’s funny? Nope. Bwahaha.

While it’s not immediately in your face episodic, it can be repetitive because of the repeating Makiko is having issues Youko needs to save her butt plot. But, in my opinion, they pulled it off. You just always need to watch the next episode!

*If the first episode seems way too silly and you wish they’d tone it down, you should still try the second episode. It’s a bit better. But if the second episode is still way too ridiculous for you, what the hell are you watching drama for??

Anyway, SM is getting my comic relief of the year award. Good for diluting those twitchy nerve wracking dramas like Time Between Dog and Wolf (I should finish that…)

Decieved :'(

October 12, 2008

After watching 2 more episodes of ISWAK, I’ve realized I’ve been decieved. Its not a high school drama after all! How did they graduate so quickly?! Crap, now when they go to college theres gonna be new characters and RIVALS. Whenever a rival is introduced, I always shiver. They’re scary @.@

Bwahaha. I like Zhi Shu. And, while she does do some dumb things, I actually dont hate Xiang Qin, either. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the new rivals. I was asking for it, after all >3>

On the other hand, I FINALLLLLLY restarted watching Kurosagi. URGHHH Tsurara (Maki’s character) Why is she so annoying?? Both the main women are super annoying. They should be more like Xiang Qin. Wow I contradicted myself (again) maybe I’m starting to like TWdramas more, o.0


Nah, that wont happen. Haha.

Can I start Maou before finishing Kurosagi…? I do still like Kurosagi (maybe its just Yamapi…?), but I’m ready to throw Tsurara out the window. And her non-friend. And the writers for making it so episodic. Whoops, thats half the show isnt it? -.-It was so good, though… I mean, look!

I’m not even a Yamapi fangirl, either! But >< I think This and Akira from NWP are the best characters he’s played. But I like his hair like that ^

Okay, enough about Yamashita. On the upside, Hana Kimi SP is released in Japan tomorrow. Probably 2-3 weeks for the subs to be posted. (Are my expectations too high?) I wondered when we’ll be able to watch Hana Yori Dango Final. I wonder what MatsuJun has been doing… Where’s his new drama? Yeah now that I think about it, I want another MatsuJun drama! I’ve watched Bambino, Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2, Gokusen, and Kimi wa Petto. But hes getting older. I wonder if he’s too old to act in high-school-ish age dramas now? Uwah that would be sad.

I better go check on those 2 fall season dramas I was planning on watching, because it is fall now, after all.


I kinda miss Hotaru no Hikari. ;-P

Finally started a new drama

October 11, 2008

After lots of complaining about how I couldn’t find a new, perfectly awesome drama to start watching, I finally just gave in and realized that not everything you watch is going to be perfect, but if you dont take a chance and start watching then theres no point in liking dramas. 🙂

OKAY, done preaching/. I amd now up to episode 6 of the TWDrama It Started With A Kiss. Its pretty much exactly the high school romance thing I needed. Haha. I dont generally like to watch that type because there are SO MANY and they tend to not be very original. But this one is nice. I actually kind of like it.


back to the point,

So far, its probably going to be predictable, but arent a lot of things? Even if its predictable, its fun to watch. I dont have much more to say, so I’ll summarize it better when I finish the first season.

Its hard for me to find TWDramas that I will enjoy, so this is fun XD Plus theres 2 seasons, so this will last awhile and I can start Maou in the meantime.