Lovely Complex obsessions

… & How I switched from anime and manga to dorama X)

Well… I think *long story with reminiscing alert* that i first watched Cardcaptor Sakura a long, long time ago. I was like 8. I think. I dont know. And then I watched more anime. And then I read some manga. And then I quit for awhile. And then I discovered doramas.  =D Yeah that was a bad story. Gomen~

My point is that I never got super obsessed with many animes or mangas. I mean I like all those cute yet somehow deep Miyazaki shtuffs and I love Fruits Basket of course, and I have my favori— oh wait, I lied, I actually really like manga and anime. I’m just really picky. Like REALLY picky. ;P

So the ones I got into are: Furuba (of course), Kodocha (I dont know, I just like it. Its funny) and Kare Kano (yes yes, romantic blah de blah I DONT CARE if its sappy. Its freaking good.) Those I actually liked enough to buy some volumes. Then I read some from the library… and nowadays if I think of anything I want to reread I can get it online 😀 EXCEPT! If I had any extra money and I was going to start buying volumes from a new manga, it would DEFINITELY be Lovely Complex. I dont know what the hell it is about that story, I just relaly really love it. I watched the anime literally a dozen times. Maybe its because its about a tall person who is kinda crazy and weird oh who does this sound like i dunno uh maybe ME?

Okay, seriously, here comes the long unnecessary story: I looked at the Shojo Beat magazine once, and it had a preview chapter for Love Com in it. YAY i was so happy. So I went to find the anime. And then, 1 year later, after having watched the anime 50 thousand times I looked up the manga again and to my delight found the 55 chapters had been scanlated ~ And I had only ever read the first one! I WAS SO HAPPY! XD

Hrahhh. OK my inner hyper self kinda died down again for the next century. Awaiting for me to discover some new drama to obsess over.

Speaking of which, Hana Kimi SP should be released in about 6 days in Japan.

Oh, I know about the Love Com movie. I watched most of it. It just doesnt translate to dorama, though I dearly wished it did. Like, I probably wouldnt have liked it even if I hadnt already watched the anime. Hmm. Well thats just my musings.

Oof. Unbelievable. I had the whole weekend to do my stupid weekly essay assignment, I wasnt even busy AT ALL, and I STILL didnt get anything done. Ouch. I think my over achieving spirit (if it exists) just got stabbed in the eyeballs.

Eheh. Did I mention I still havnt finished that same assignment? Its due in about 14 hours.


One Response to Lovely Complex obsessions

  1. linda says:

    I liked the manga and anime but was disappointed with the live action version but still its a great love story

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