Honey & Clover


No time.

Will edit this and actually write my Honey & Clover review v. soon.

Okay, NOW I will write about Honey and Clover. *Cracks knuckles* Alright, first! The manga! I first heard about the manga from being at the library and picking up shojo beat out of boredom (same way I learned about my fave LoveCom XD thanks shojo beat! lol) AHHHH The manga was really really good.

I only ever found 12 chapters of the manga. But out of all the versions I’ve seen, the original manga was definitely the best! I loved the sketchy drawing style because I’d never seen a manga like that before. And it was funny, and about a Tokyo art school (by the time I found H & C, I had already decided it would be fun to go to art school in Tokyo).

The next I heard of Honey and Clover was the anime, which I stumbled upon on Veoh one day. (I wish i could start downloading things again. Streaming sites can be helpful, but in the end they just piss me off. Plus they basically just steal stuff from the fansubbers. Why is my hard drive so full??) BACK TO THE POINT. I only watching a few episodes of the anime, I think I got distracted by something, and whenever I watched it, the colors were always really washed out like daytime TV. It bothered me -.-

Turns out, however, that I probably should have stuck with the anime. Since I hadn’t gotten very far in the plot of Honey and Clover when I started the drama (Japanese version of course), i basically watched it without prejudice. And I will admit, that at first I liked it. But I was decieved. By Ikuta Toma. He was the best thing in this drama. Sadly, they didnt really play up his abilities, so it was lost anyways D: I still loved the story line, but the acting was just WAY TOO ANNOYING. I didnt realize this until after I finished a couple episodes… but when I watched the first episode again I couldn’t believe I HADN’T realized it. They made Hagu SO CREEPY.

EDIT: AND SHE”S WEARING CROCS! ^ *just noticed*

Look how scary she is….Morita was a bit odd in the drama also, esp since I love him in the manga.

The thing is, everyone was just over acting way too much, and the plots already kinda senitmental and reflective, so it just got really overwhelming. o.0

Well, I dont want to insult Honey and Clover more than I have, because I really do like the comic and anime.

I plan to finish watching the anime soon, but I cant find any of the manga past chapter 12.

Ummmm about the Japanese Movie and the Taiwanese version… I was so dissappointed in the Japan Live’s acting that I’m not watching a Honey and Clover Live ever again. So you wont be hearing from me about them. ;D


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