Nakahara Aya’s NEW STORY! ~ Nanaco Robin

Nakahara Aya, author of the lovely Love *star* Com (XD) has started a new series called Nanaco Robin and the first chapter has been scanlated!

Its probably going to be a little predictable, and of course I wont like it as much as LoveCom, but I’m still excited! From what I can tell from the first chapter, Nakahara sensei is not going to be one of those people who has issues creating new likeable characters after the completion of a successful strip.The characters are different from those in LoveCom, and I look forward to reading more! yay.

Nanaco Robin is (so far) about a girl, Nako, whose family runs one of those little dinner-mini-cafeteria places. Her sister has just eloped with the heir to a wealthy family. Their elopement creates problems in the son’s family and his little brother ends up cast out of the family also. Because he has nowhere to go, he ends up living with Nako’s family. Kya.

Well; I actually still havnt finished the LoveCom manga because the scans arent up yet, even though the series has been completed. Ch. 56-59, and 61-END are missing. >< ahh I can wait.


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