Finally started a new drama

After lots of complaining about how I couldn’t find a new, perfectly awesome drama to start watching, I finally just gave in and realized that not everything you watch is going to be perfect, but if you dont take a chance and start watching then theres no point in liking dramas. 🙂

OKAY, done preaching/. I amd now up to episode 6 of the TWDrama It Started With A Kiss. Its pretty much exactly the high school romance thing I needed. Haha. I dont generally like to watch that type because there are SO MANY and they tend to not be very original. But this one is nice. I actually kind of like it.


back to the point,

So far, its probably going to be predictable, but arent a lot of things? Even if its predictable, its fun to watch. I dont have much more to say, so I’ll summarize it better when I finish the first season.

Its hard for me to find TWDramas that I will enjoy, so this is fun XD Plus theres 2 seasons, so this will last awhile and I can start Maou in the meantime.


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