Decieved :'(

After watching 2 more episodes of ISWAK, I’ve realized I’ve been decieved. Its not a high school drama after all! How did they graduate so quickly?! Crap, now when they go to college theres gonna be new characters and RIVALS. Whenever a rival is introduced, I always shiver. They’re scary @.@

Bwahaha. I like Zhi Shu. And, while she does do some dumb things, I actually dont hate Xiang Qin, either. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the new rivals. I was asking for it, after all >3>

On the other hand, I FINALLLLLLY restarted watching Kurosagi. URGHHH Tsurara (Maki’s character) Why is she so annoying?? Both the main women are super annoying. They should be more like Xiang Qin. Wow I contradicted myself (again) maybe I’m starting to like TWdramas more, o.0


Nah, that wont happen. Haha.

Can I start Maou before finishing Kurosagi…? I do still like Kurosagi (maybe its just Yamapi…?), but I’m ready to throw Tsurara out the window. And her non-friend. And the writers for making it so episodic. Whoops, thats half the show isnt it? -.-It was so good, though… I mean, look!

I’m not even a Yamapi fangirl, either! But >< I think This and Akira from NWP are the best characters he’s played. But I like his hair like that ^

Okay, enough about Yamashita. On the upside, Hana Kimi SP is released in Japan tomorrow. Probably 2-3 weeks for the subs to be posted. (Are my expectations too high?) I wondered when we’ll be able to watch Hana Yori Dango Final. I wonder what MatsuJun has been doing… Where’s his new drama? Yeah now that I think about it, I want another MatsuJun drama! I’ve watched Bambino, Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2, Gokusen, and Kimi wa Petto. But hes getting older. I wonder if he’s too old to act in high-school-ish age dramas now? Uwah that would be sad.

I better go check on those 2 fall season dramas I was planning on watching, because it is fall now, after all.


I kinda miss Hotaru no Hikari. ;-P


2 Responses to Decieved :'(

  1. ruxandra says:

    the last pic, who is he?i’m watching ISWAK now, it’s pretty silly sometimes, but really good actors.

  2. jeanniex1 says:

    Yamashita Tomohisa. Yeah, by now I’ve given up on Kurosagi, but I still like Yamapi.

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