Seigi No Mikata REVIEW

Its time to wrap up everything about Seigi no Mikata! I finished watching it awhile ago, but I never got around to summing it up in one post.

I really, really enjoyed watching this show. I was always really anxious for the next episode release and I never got bored with it. Looking back, it’s not the most memorable or incredibly executed drama, but it is HIGHLY entertaining and I wouldn’t miss it if I were you. It’s filled with good comedy, which 2008’s fall drama season seems to be lacking in… (this season is a bit of a let down after Summer.)

Anyway, the basic outline of SM is the story of Youko (Shida Mirai), and her evil older sister Makiko (Yamada Yu). Youko gets ordered around and lives her life in sync with her nee-san’s demands, which include getting together with Yoshikawa and pulling off greedy stunts that end up doing other people good – by accident. Because the older sister is always benefiting other people, she earns the title “Seigi no Mikata” or “Ally of Justice”. Youko has to help her out of tight spots. Youko also gets to have a fun relationship with Hongo Kanata’s character Riku (bwahaha).

Lots of joke oppurtunities and Youko and Riku are fun to watch. XD

Watching Makiko abuse Youko’s weak mindedness is not for the faint hearted. HOW CAN SHE LET HERSELF BE USED LIKE THAT you ask. Is it a little sadistic to think it’s funny? Nope. Bwahaha.

While it’s not immediately in your face episodic, it can be repetitive because of the repeating Makiko is having issues Youko needs to save her butt plot. But, in my opinion, they pulled it off. You just always need to watch the next episode!

*If the first episode seems way too silly and you wish they’d tone it down, you should still try the second episode. It’s a bit better. But if the second episode is still way too ridiculous for you, what the hell are you watching drama for??

Anyway, SM is getting my comic relief of the year award. Good for diluting those twitchy nerve wracking dramas like Time Between Dog and Wolf (I should finish that…)


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