Hook, Line & Sinker?

… is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about how I have fallen for It Started With A Kiss. >.> Does anyone know that phrase? I’m guessing it’s really old because I heard my grandpa say it. Haha. ARGH how can I be such a sucker? ISWAK has become the new source of drama in my life. I’m on episode 11. I love that in a japanese drama it would be practically over, but ISWAK has… 50 more episodes? XD I’ll be really sad when it’s over, though. But I guess then I can kill my drama addiction by watching Devil Besdie You. And then in the meantimes when I’ve calmed down I can watch the things I’ve been MEANING to watch, like Maou and finishig Kurosagi.

Anyways, arent they cuteee?

teeheehee. I like how Zhi Shu is actually quite cold and doesnt immediately fall for her even though we all know he’s going to. *cough*

But then again, even after that ^ he’s still cold which makes it more interesting. It’s so hilarious when he’s teasing her. Bwahaha. And I’m STILL surprised that it doesn’t annoy me when Xiang Qin does idiotic things. Why doesn’t it?? I don’t even know…

EEPS/. Gotta go write some essays. o.0 I will be up late tonight~ But no matter what, even when I finish my homework at 3:00, I always stay up to relax and watch new episodes. I can wait for a few more hours to watch ISWAK. 😀


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