What has been happening in the last 3 days?

1. I finished ISWAK! I’ll write my summary/review soon.

2. I got a new computerrrrr!!! SO MUCH HARD DRIVE SPACE! It came with a DVD burner. Yeah, I’m happy.

3. The REASON I got a new computer is my old one completely crashed. And I lost my entire itunes library. I’m a little bit sad.

4. I’ve been reading the novel Kamikaze Girls. I think I’ll watch the movie.

Oh and this:

Normally I wont shut up about “individuality” and all that, and I’ve always been really grateful that we can choose (generally) whatever we want to wear to schools in America. But godammit recently I’ve been wishing I got to wear a cute uniform. And even though there aren’t really any advantages (ok, so you get to sleep 5 extra minutes because you dont have to choose an outfit) for some reason I just really want one.


Back to Kamikaze Girls: recently I’ve only been interested in books that are like post apocalyptic and weird. I just got so tired of the same same same teen fiction. Its all so shallow. But anyway I picked up this book anyways. Its such a fun book to read! Maybe its just because its set in Japan and thats interesting, or because Yankis are funny, but I’m really enjoying it. Also, remember how I decided not to watch anything during the week? Having this book is helping. Seriously, what I want to do right now is DL every single Lawyers of Korea episode and have a marathon, and the finish Kurosagi and start They Kiss Again (ISWAK 2).

But I have to stop myself. I’ll get the Kamikaze Girls movie to watch on the weekend. I WILL NOT start ISWAK 2 (yet). But if the Hana Kimi special’s subs are released I will HAVE to make an exception. Of course. How could I not? XD


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