I actually went and installed utorrent just so I could download and watch this. Although, yeah, I was gonna install it anyway… Wow suddenly there is SOOO much hard drive space!!!!!! I’m downloading like 25 episodes at once right now. o.0

Yeah, I’m excited.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to use torrents >< I forgot how much I love them.

Back to Hana Kimi:

Yayyy special! I watched it at 1:00 this morning. It was very pleasing. I couldn’t get used to Sano’s hair cut, though. Also, he must have started using conditioner. I LOVED SEEING NAKATSU AGAINNNN! It was fun. Remember these pics?

So let me explain: this episode takes place right before the 3 dorm heads (and Hibari’s) graduations. But most of it is like episode 7.5 because Nakatsu is reminiscing and wondering when Sano first started to like Mizuki. Remember how at the end of episode 7, they were still on summer break and Sano told MIzuki not to go back to America?

Well, after that is when Julia (Ashiya’s american friend. Remember? She was in the manga and TW version) comes to visit. Also included in episode 7.5 is Nakatsu’s soccer dream, and a capture the flag dorm competition.

Basically, its like an episode within a special. When Nakatsu is done reminiscing and episode 7.5 is over, then we have the 3 dorm heads and Hibari’s graduation scene.

Sorry I dont have any pictures. =(

What did I think of it? Again, it was pleasing. But they never have enough Sano X Mizuki moments. I still love them. But mostly I just wanted to see Nakatsu. Nanba was fun to see again too, and also Umeda, and Kayashima of course! Although even Sekime (Sekimaro? Sekitsuma? Lol), yes, that Sekime, had more lines than him. 😥

But actually, I like Sano too! XD



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