Ai Yazawa, fashion, WARP!

November 28, 2008

Lately Ai Yazawa has been my obsession. After finishing Paradise Kiss, I started the anime. I just finished Gokinjo Monogatari (Neighbourhood Story).melissa205mb

I loooove it. It is equal to ParaKiss. Plus, I like how the two stories intertwine. =) And I love the character designs and fashions! It’s so fun~! I don’t think I’ll be watching the anime of Gokinjo, didn’t like it. Besides, even though I do like the ParaKiss anime, it has nothing on the actual drawings.

It’s weird, I don’t like Nana as much as Gokinjo and ParaKiss. Ahh, I’ll get around to finishing it eventually. The pictures are still wonderful, though. I’m inspired! I wish I had some money. I realllllly need to get a job. Now. Get a job. Get a job. Get a job.

Tenshi Nanka Janai, should I start it? I don’t actually want to read it. I’m not as interested in the plot.

But it’s really annoying to be caught up with an ongoing manga! I hate waiting for the new Skip Beat chapter every month. Thank god the fansubbers are quick. Thank you, Franky Scans.

Other than about Gokinjo, I really had nothing to say. <Happy Thanksgiving.>


Getting Anxious, the Holidays are upon us!

November 23, 2008

Hurrayyyy! Thanksgiving! Possibly my favorite holiday. I mean come on. No obligations, turkey stuffing, relaxation, pie, lazing around, pie, you know. And you know after Thanksgiving thats when everything just lines up perfectly until you’re waking up to a cold, dark January morning and trudging back to work or school and you know it’s gonna be a lonngggg winter. But at least the days have stopped getting shorter for a while.

I’m getting close to finishing Devil Beside You, I’ve been putting off finishing Kurosagi for a while now, I’ve caught up with all the current Skip Beat chapters, and I’ll start to get anxious soon. I guess that means it’s finally time to start They Kiss Again? AHHH I’m so nervous though! I hate misunderstandings! I still have Paradise Kiss to watch, and I downloaded Romeo X Juliet. Who cares that we all know how it ends? I’ll watch it in December. I have HYD to rewatch…. WHEN IS THE MOVIE COMING OUT?! It’s been forever.

By the way, I’m kind of embarassed by how much I’m enjoying Skip Beat. I usually don’t ever finish shojo mangas, they get so shallow and predictable and same old, same old plot lines such as the ex-girlfriend, misunderstandings, jealously, etc. Well, sometimes I pick something up and I just enjoy it a lot. I live it when that happens. 😀

Devil Beside You is so melodramatic that I still don’t know why I’m watching it, but since it’s the first super melodramatic but not totally inconceivable TWdrama I’ve watched, it doesn’t seem to bother me much. I’ve got 3 episodes left. *twitch* SO ANXIOUS. Must be a happy ending though, if you look at how the rest of the drama is.

I swear I will finish Devil Beside You, Kurosagi and Paradise Kiss before I start downloading something new.

I’m back, Independance Day, Etc.

November 16, 2008

Independance? Independence? I always spell it wrong. -.- Anyways, back from the horror filled school trip. Ack. It wasn’t really terrible, just cold. Everyone was complaining the whole damn time. Including me. Boy was I glad to get back to civilization. As soon as I got home I changed into a nice, dignified black pleated skirt and shirt, and a fake pearl necklace. I made myself tea in an elegant white cup and saucer set, and sat down with my laptop. AH, heaven.

I’ve been lulling myself to sleep with Skip Beat!, it’s basically your regular shoujo manga. Nothin special, I just happened to pick it up (online). While I’m not quite as picky with shoujo mangas as I am with anime and dramas, that doesnt mean I’ll finish them. Skip Beat is holding my interest for now, however. It’s just quirky enough. Even though the drawing style is a bit outdated. It reminds me of old times…

That’s the American version, published by Viz I think. Through Shojo Beat.

Speaking of old times, remember when everyone was obsessed with American Idiot? Did you even notice? Or maybe it wasn’t popular everywhere. Aha don’t know why I thought of that.

Back to Skip Beat, uhh what was I gonna say… crap. I suck. I totally forgot. Nyyyyyyyyaaa. Oh! (10 minutes later) I was just gonna say that the scanlations are kinda hard to understand. They are a bit fractured. They do the job though.

Moving on. I love Independence Day! It helped me conquer my fear of alien movies. With the help of Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith. I just had to watch it again. XD

I love that it’s from the 90’s, Jeff Goldblum is really weird but cool, Will Smith is pretty awesome. Anyway, the only reason I like this so much is probably because it’s the first alien movie I watched, and probably the only alien movie I’ll ever watch that did not a) seem totally TOTALLY cheesy and make me hate it and b) scare the pants off me. Other than Men in Black of course. But that’s different. (Again, Will Smith. Although the part with the cockroaches did kinda make me want to throw up.) Biased opinion, just FYI. You must watch this. I can be pretty cynical, but when it comes to certain things, I’m really biased, sappy, cheesy, and a sucker.

Another movie I watched: the new Indiana Jones movie. Once again, you must be warned that I’m a Harrison Ford sucker. And I don’t even like Shia LaBeouf that much. And when I was in 4th grade, Raiders of the Lost Ark really freaked me out. Especially the part where the Nazis like, disolve. And I’m not a worthy critic. And I’m a major sucker. But I did enjoy this.

Further updates? Not really… I’m still watching Devil Beside You… only 5 episodes to go. A rival was just defeated! (For now). Meidi kinda pissed me off, but I guess she was innocent after all. Learning Mandarin phrases is really fun!

Still watching Paradise Kiss. On episode 3. I like the music.

I really need a good DVD authoring program. I’ve been using this free one that works okay, but you can’t create a menu with it. So it’s annoying. Anyway I haven’t been burning DL-ed stuff onto discs recently and my hard drive space is getting eaten up really fast. Frighteningly fast, actually.

Anybody who happens to read this who could recommend an author, I would appreciate it. I wonder if they sell software on CD ROMs at Staples. All the free downloads look a bit shady.

Paradise Kiss + Procrastination (AGAIN?!)

November 12, 2008

I finished reading Paradise Kiss! Please, the ending was not that bad. I actually liked it. In fact, I enjoyed the whole thing, so I started watching the anime as well. XD

While I was suppossed to be packing for the school trip.

It’s already 9:00 and I havn’t started yet.


Seriously though, who procrastinates packing for a school trip?! I had today off, too. But I guess I just got caught up in Paradise Kiss. It’s not every day I come across a manga like that, you know. I’m very happy. Other than that I really have nothing to say, so this is kind of a worthless post. I should really start packing. RAIN PANTS. Who has rain pants just lying around their house? I’ve never taken those equipment lists seriously, thankfully.

I will miss my piano and laptop. I kinda lost interest in Devil Beside You, but I’ll definitely finish it, and watch the last 2 Kurosagi episodes when I return. If I have a spare second. Too bad I didn’t use this free day to finish all the homework due next monday. =P

Recommendation of the week: Paradise Kiss. Anime or manga.

HALLELUJAH! (Procrastination no longer needed + Paradise Kiss)

November 10, 2008

I FINISHED MY FREAKING ASSIGNMENT! AND IT’S ONLY 2;45 AM! A miracle. Anyway while I was procrastinating, I started reading Paradise Kiss. I’m enjoying it very much, but from what I’ve been hearing, there is a disappointing ending. I DONT CARE LALALALALA I want to read it anyways, even though sad endings give me heartache for the next 24 hours at least. Anyway, Ai Yazawa is really cool. I appreciate her. Everyone is Nana crazy, and yeah, I like Nana too. I just can’t stand the later volumes. I really liked the first 6 volumes. But it (the plot) kinda went a little downhill for me. Then again, I havent kept up with it very well. Anyway, at this point I think ParaKiss is better.

Somehow the main character is easy to relate to for once. Well… it’s fun now, but I’m worried about the ending… Maybe I’ll watch the anime, maybe not. I’m just really enjoying Ai Yazawa’s art.

Ehh. I’ll be getting 3 hours of sleep. How depressing.

What else did I do during my procrastinating hours that slipped away so quickly? I wished I had a job, pondered how to get myself to Tokyo, Paris or Stockholm, thought about how luxurious it would be to be married to a world famous touring concert pianist, watched the first 1/2 of ISWAK episode 29 over again, watched as Hotaru no Hikari episodes 5-7 downloaded, chatted with another procrastinator awake with the same assignment… SO MUCH WORTHLESS STUFF.

I wonder.. if I actually managed to acquire a sewing machine, would I use it? I’d have to pay for fabric too… aggggh i need a job.

Ick theres a school trip coming up. Could be fun, but I don’t like sharing a bathroom with 12 other people. I’m also a rather unpleasant person in the mornings. Ah well. It could possibly be fun.

More movies, concerts, and still procrastinating

November 10, 2008

Errrrggh. YES I AM STILL PROCRASTINATING. I mean what the hell?

I felt like writing something about 3 movies I’ve watched recently though. Alfred Hitchcock’s Lifeboat happened to be on TV while I was at my friend’s house sleeping over, and I was totally hooked. I just couldn’t turn it off. My friend went to bed and I stayed up watching it.

Yes, it is in black and white, sorry if that turns you off, because it shouldn’t. If I give a summary it’ll sound boring, and maybe it would be to some people. But even though not much happened, I didn’t even realize how much time had passed as I watched it. It’s about humanity and war, trust and betrayal and it’s pretty suspenseful. But then, I like Hitchcock anyway. Notorious was good, too.

*SPOILER* After I got my DVD player fixed, I was finally able to watch Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. When I first saw that movie I was practically in shock, because I’d never seen anything like it before. I always remembered that scene at the end where Jen jumps off the mountain into the clouds.

I wish I could find a pic of the mountain scene. Ah well. hah, I wish I could do that ^

Anyway, it was really a beautiful movie. (Again, I’m a sucker and not a worthy critic. Whatever I write mostly just has to do with how much I enjoyed it. I’m not very harsh.) Great to watch it again after many years.

The third movie I wanted to mention is called Gattaca. I don’t know how well known it is, because I had never heard of it before. It’s Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke. It was quite good. (SUPER BIASED OPINION) I find anything with a dystopic theme extremely interesting.It’s from 1997.


But first: theres a couple of bands coming this season that would be fun to go see. Unfortunately, if I go see the Killers, they’ll probably be playing things from their latest album which I didn’t like. Dir en grey is coming. Although I can’t really listen to them without remembering all those misheard-lyrics videos on youtube and silently laughing. Also, I really don’t like cockroaches, and their videos seem to have a theme of cockroaches going. But seriously, I really, really don’t like cockroaches.

Well, I’ll think about it.

More Devil Beside You and procrastination (how is this different from the usual?)

November 9, 2008

My Devil Beside You batch file finished DLing. I’m on episode 13/20 now. AHHHHHHHH. Stupid rivals. I accidentally on purpose clicked on the final episode and watched the first 5 minutes. Why did I do that? Now I don’t want to watch everything go wrong. Of course, I’m probably gonna watch it instead of doing my essays ANYWAYS, but still. Devil Beside You is nowhere near as good as It Started With A Kiss, which is by far the best TWdrama ever. (OK, so I’m not really qualified to say that, as I’ve only ever watched 3, but you know, 3 is enough). I think it’s probably because of the absence of sappiness in ISWAK. There just really aren’t any cheesy lines between Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin. That I can remember. I might be wrong. But I like it too much to care.

I really have so many criticisms of Devil Beside You, but I don’t want to write them all because I’m enjoying it anyways. The main thing that is kinda gross though, is the lines between Ahmon and Qi Yue. Barf. I wonder why I’m watching it? Hahaha. I havnt the faintest idea.

Well, there’s nothing else new that I’m watching. I have enough anyways. I have all of Romeo X Juliet to watch, and I never finished watching Saiunkoku Monogatari. Plus I want to read/watch Paradise Kiss. And Ergo Proxy. (I love dystopias). That should be enough anime to last me a long time. I’m extremely picky about anime. Which is a good thing for me because I have plenty of crap to watch what with new dramas, old dramas, rewatching my favorite dramas because its the holiday/my birthday season, The Office (which hasn’t been anywhere near as funny as it was in the first 3 seasons, sadly), movies now that my DVD player works again, and the aforementioned animes.

Does this perhaps explain why I havn’t started my essays that are due in 24 hours yet, my room looks kind of like a department store would after an earthquake, and I’m stuck inside on a sunday? Maybe I should get some willpower. I actually did succeed in not watching anything during one week, but it didn’t help because what I did instead was play the piano for 3 hours each day and watch things download. Also went downtown to eat gelato, and went to the art museum. Did I get any homework done? Nope. Am I getting any done right now? NO. You know what I was going to do today? I actually went out and bought an alarm clock, set it for 7:35 ON A WEEKEND, and planned on finishing my essay by 12:00. Well guess what time it is now? 12:30. Have I even started? No way. First I had to lie in bed until 9:00, then make tea and eat a bagel while reading the Princess Bride, then play the piano. I wonder if I have some disorder?