It’s been so long! uTorrent fawning…

Yeah i went a little crazy with uTorrent. Eheh. A week passed so quickly… Halloween! It’s the first year I didn’t get any candy. Ah well. I dont really want it anyways. *sulking* This is the season when I start to rewatch my favorite things… DLing Hana Yori Dango (of course) and I can’t help but watch it over again. I love you SARS fansubs! =D I missed Hotaru no Hikari too, so I’m watching that. And YES I FINALLY am on the way to finishing Kurosagi. Although it’s only been 2 months. Which is like the actual time it took to air the thing originally.

What is happening in Kurosagi? I know, I know, IM SO BEHIND. But believe me, as soon as I finish this I’m going to catch up. And anyway I dont think there are subs for Ryusei no Kizuna or Innocent Love yet, which are the ony ones I’m gonna follow. ( I’m saying that now, but I’ll probably end up taking it back. You never know) THE POINT IS. I’ve come to accept the fact that Kurosagi is episodic. It’s just like American TV. EXCEPT I HATEEEE AMERICAN TV. Okay, reword that: it’s like The Office! and the Simpsons. Yeah. So I like it anyways. Even though it is episodic. A bit slow. It started out looking like the romance was going to be a bit cheesy. And it kind of is. EXCEPT THERE IS NONE. I’m on episode 10. There are 2 more episodes left. And the main characters STILL don’t talk to each other. Arggghhh Tsurara is still annoying. Her ex-friend is more annoying. Everybody is so annoying. But Kurosagi is till cool. So therefore, I keep watching.

What else is happening? What else, what else… other than Devil Beside You, of course! But seriously, after this there really arent’ any more TWdramas that are worth watching. If you think I’m wrong, you can kick me. But I still wont watch them. And maybe DBY is a little melodramatic. Maybe its WAY melodramatic. Maybe it’s really bad. I like it anyways.

I started watching this in the past week. I’ve watched the first 8 episodes (out of 20). Its so nerve wracking! Its painful to watch people misunderstand each other. At first Ahmon kinda reminded me of Domyouji. He’s definitely the best character in this. The other characters are kinda weak, especially Yuan Yi (thus far). If theres anything that comes close to being as awful as a really stupid heroine, its a righteous one. aHEM Tsurara. Yeah, at times I do start to get annoyed by Qi Yue (Xiang Qin is sooo better >3>) but… i cant stay angry that long. Theres no point, it justs ruins it.

Well… sorry im too lame to go find some pics. Find em yourself.


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