More Devil Beside You and procrastination (how is this different from the usual?)

My Devil Beside You batch file finished DLing. I’m on episode 13/20 now. AHHHHHHHH. Stupid rivals. I accidentally on purpose clicked on the final episode and watched the first 5 minutes. Why did I do that? Now I don’t want to watch everything go wrong. Of course, I’m probably gonna watch it instead of doing my essays ANYWAYS, but still. Devil Beside You is nowhere near as good as It Started With A Kiss, which is by far the best TWdrama ever. (OK, so I’m not really qualified to say that, as I’ve only ever watched 3, but you know, 3 is enough). I think it’s probably because of the absence of sappiness in ISWAK. There just really aren’t any cheesy lines between Zhi Shu and Xiang Qin. That I can remember. I might be wrong. But I like it too much to care.

I really have so many criticisms of Devil Beside You, but I don’t want to write them all because I’m enjoying it anyways. The main thing that is kinda gross though, is the lines between Ahmon and Qi Yue. Barf. I wonder why I’m watching it? Hahaha. I havnt the faintest idea.

Well, there’s nothing else new that I’m watching. I have enough anyways. I have all of Romeo X Juliet to watch, and I never finished watching Saiunkoku Monogatari. Plus I want to read/watch Paradise Kiss. And Ergo Proxy. (I love dystopias). That should be enough anime to last me a long time. I’m extremely picky about anime. Which is a good thing for me because I have plenty of crap to watch what with new dramas, old dramas, rewatching my favorite dramas because its the holiday/my birthday season, The Office (which hasn’t been anywhere near as funny as it was in the first 3 seasons, sadly), movies now that my DVD player works again, and the aforementioned animes.

Does this perhaps explain why I havn’t started my essays that are due in 24 hours yet, my room looks kind of like a department store would after an earthquake, and I’m stuck inside on a sunday? Maybe I should get some willpower. I actually did succeed in not watching anything during one week, but it didn’t help because what I did instead was play the piano for 3 hours each day and watch things download. Also went downtown to eat gelato, and went to the art museum. Did I get any homework done? Nope. Am I getting any done right now? NO. You know what I was going to do today? I actually went out and bought an alarm clock, set it for 7:35 ON A WEEKEND, and planned on finishing my essay by 12:00. Well guess what time it is now? 12:30. Have I even started? No way. First I had to lie in bed until 9:00, then make tea and eat a bagel while reading the Princess Bride, then play the piano. I wonder if I have some disorder?


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