HALLELUJAH! (Procrastination no longer needed + Paradise Kiss)

I FINISHED MY FREAKING ASSIGNMENT! AND IT’S ONLY 2;45 AM! A miracle. Anyway while I was procrastinating, I started reading Paradise Kiss. I’m enjoying it very much, but from what I’ve been hearing, there is a disappointing ending. I DONT CARE LALALALALA I want to read it anyways, even though sad endings give me heartache for the next 24 hours at least. Anyway, Ai Yazawa is really cool. I appreciate her. Everyone is Nana crazy, and yeah, I like Nana too. I just can’t stand the later volumes. I really liked the first 6 volumes. But it (the plot) kinda went a little downhill for me. Then again, I havent kept up with it very well. Anyway, at this point I think ParaKiss is better.

Somehow the main character is easy to relate to for once. Well… it’s fun now, but I’m worried about the ending… Maybe I’ll watch the anime, maybe not. I’m just really enjoying Ai Yazawa’s art.

Ehh. I’ll be getting 3 hours of sleep. How depressing.

What else did I do during my procrastinating hours that slipped away so quickly? I wished I had a job, pondered how to get myself to Tokyo, Paris or Stockholm, thought about how luxurious it would be to be married to a world famous touring concert pianist, watched the first 1/2 of ISWAK episode 29 over again, watched as Hotaru no Hikari episodes 5-7 downloaded, chatted with another procrastinator awake with the same assignment… SO MUCH WORTHLESS STUFF.

I wonder.. if I actually managed to acquire a sewing machine, would I use it? I’d have to pay for fabric too… aggggh i need a job.

Ick theres a school trip coming up. Could be fun, but I don’t like sharing a bathroom with 12 other people. I’m also a rather unpleasant person in the mornings. Ah well. It could possibly be fun.


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