Paradise Kiss + Procrastination (AGAIN?!)

I finished reading Paradise Kiss! Please, the ending was not that bad. I actually liked it. In fact, I enjoyed the whole thing, so I started watching the anime as well. XD

While I was suppossed to be packing for the school trip.

It’s already 9:00 and I havn’t started yet.


Seriously though, who procrastinates packing for a school trip?! I had today off, too. But I guess I just got caught up in Paradise Kiss. It’s not every day I come across a manga like that, you know. I’m very happy. Other than that I really have nothing to say, so this is kind of a worthless post. I should really start packing. RAIN PANTS. Who has rain pants just lying around their house? I’ve never taken those equipment lists seriously, thankfully.

I will miss my piano and laptop. I kinda lost interest in Devil Beside You, but I’ll definitely finish it, and watch the last 2 Kurosagi episodes when I return. If I have a spare second. Too bad I didn’t use this free day to finish all the homework due next monday. =P

Recommendation of the week: Paradise Kiss. Anime or manga.


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