I’m back, Independance Day, Etc.

Independance? Independence? I always spell it wrong. -.- Anyways, back from the horror filled school trip. Ack. It wasn’t really terrible, just cold. Everyone was complaining the whole damn time. Including me. Boy was I glad to get back to civilization. As soon as I got home I changed into a nice, dignified black pleated skirt and shirt, and a fake pearl necklace. I made myself tea in an elegant white cup and saucer set, and sat down with my laptop. AH, heaven.

I’ve been lulling myself to sleep with Skip Beat!, it’s basically your regular shoujo manga. Nothin special, I just happened to pick it up (online). While I’m not quite as picky with shoujo mangas as I am with anime and dramas, that doesnt mean I’ll finish them. Skip Beat is holding my interest for now, however. It’s just quirky enough. Even though the drawing style is a bit outdated. It reminds me of old times…

That’s the American version, published by Viz I think. Through Shojo Beat.

Speaking of old times, remember when everyone was obsessed with American Idiot? Did you even notice? Or maybe it wasn’t popular everywhere. Aha don’t know why I thought of that.

Back to Skip Beat, uhh what was I gonna say… crap. I suck. I totally forgot. Nyyyyyyyyaaa. Oh! (10 minutes later) I was just gonna say that the scanlations are kinda hard to understand. They are a bit fractured. They do the job though.

Moving on. I love Independence Day! It helped me conquer my fear of alien movies. With the help of Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith. I just had to watch it again. XD

I love that it’s from the 90’s, Jeff Goldblum is really weird but cool, Will Smith is pretty awesome. Anyway, the only reason I like this so much is probably because it’s the first alien movie I watched, and probably the only alien movie I’ll ever watch that did not a) seem totally TOTALLY cheesy and make me hate it and b) scare the pants off me. Other than Men in Black of course. But that’s different. (Again, Will Smith. Although the part with the cockroaches did kinda make me want to throw up.) Biased opinion, just FYI. You must watch this. I can be pretty cynical, but when it comes to certain things, I’m really biased, sappy, cheesy, and a sucker.

Another movie I watched: the new Indiana Jones movie. Once again, you must be warned that I’m a Harrison Ford sucker. And I don’t even like Shia LaBeouf that much. And when I was in 4th grade, Raiders of the Lost Ark really freaked me out. Especially the part where the Nazis like, disolve. And I’m not a worthy critic. And I’m a major sucker. But I did enjoy this.

Further updates? Not really… I’m still watching Devil Beside You… only 5 episodes to go. A rival was just defeated! (For now). Meidi kinda pissed me off, but I guess she was innocent after all. Learning Mandarin phrases is really fun!

Still watching Paradise Kiss. On episode 3. I like the music.

I really need a good DVD authoring program. I’ve been using this free one that works okay, but you can’t create a menu with it. So it’s annoying. Anyway I haven’t been burning DL-ed stuff onto discs recently and my hard drive space is getting eaten up really fast. Frighteningly fast, actually.

Anybody who happens to read this who could recommend an author, I would appreciate it. I wonder if they sell software on CD ROMs at Staples. All the free downloads look a bit shady.


3 Responses to I’m back, Independance Day, Etc.

  1. Revu says:

    You should watch the series Maou, Ryusei no Kizuna, Oh my girl, Bloody Monday, Giragira.

    Note: All incomplete series, but you can get subs from D addicts.com And information from Dramawiki.com

  2. Revu says:

    Click on my name for this one….

  3. jeanniex1 says:

    i’ve been planning on dl-ing maou and ryusei no kizuna; i’ve heard about the other three. i’ll look into them more. thanks. =)

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