Getting Anxious, the Holidays are upon us!

Hurrayyyy! Thanksgiving! Possibly my favorite holiday. I mean come on. No obligations, turkey stuffing, relaxation, pie, lazing around, pie, you know. And you know after Thanksgiving thats when everything just lines up perfectly until you’re waking up to a cold, dark January morning and trudging back to work or school and you know it’s gonna be a lonngggg winter. But at least the days have stopped getting shorter for a while.

I’m getting close to finishing Devil Beside You, I’ve been putting off finishing Kurosagi for a while now, I’ve caught up with all the current Skip Beat chapters, and I’ll start to get anxious soon. I guess that means it’s finally time to start They Kiss Again? AHHH I’m so nervous though! I hate misunderstandings! I still have Paradise Kiss to watch, and I downloaded Romeo X Juliet. Who cares that we all know how it ends? I’ll watch it in December. I have HYD to rewatch…. WHEN IS THE MOVIE COMING OUT?! It’s been forever.

By the way, I’m kind of embarassed by how much I’m enjoying Skip Beat. I usually don’t ever finish shojo mangas, they get so shallow and predictable and same old, same old plot lines such as the ex-girlfriend, misunderstandings, jealously, etc. Well, sometimes I pick something up and I just enjoy it a lot. I live it when that happens. 😀

Devil Beside You is so melodramatic that I still don’t know why I’m watching it, but since it’s the first super melodramatic but not totally inconceivable TWdrama I’ve watched, it doesn’t seem to bother me much. I’ve got 3 episodes left. *twitch* SO ANXIOUS. Must be a happy ending though, if you look at how the rest of the drama is.

I swear I will finish Devil Beside You, Kurosagi and Paradise Kiss before I start downloading something new.


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