Devil Beside You SERIES REVIEW

I actually hate writing reviews so much. Because even though its fun, its really difficult for me to actually do a good job reviewing. Anyway, this is a summary of my experience watching Devil Beside You!

The Taiwanese drama is indeed based on a manga (again), Akuma de Sourou. Basically, a melodramatic controversial love story. Thats not actually controversial. They’re only brother and sister because their single parents are marrying each other! Did I miss out on some etiquette lesson? Because I don’t find that really gross. I guess its different in Taiwan.

Again, QUITE melodramatic. Classic and fairly predictable romance plot. Also, EXTREMEEEELy cheesy lines between Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) and Ahmon (Mike He). Seriously, really awful. I actually laughed out loud several times.

That being said, lets be a little more positive. Although I did keep wondering to myself, ‘Why the hell am I watching this?’ I must admit that if I hadn’t been enjoying it, I would not have kept watching. It’s probably because I hardly ever watch anything like this that I’m not sick of it already (I’m not counting ISWAK as “like this” because its simply fantastic). I also liked Qing Zi (Qi Yue’s friend), but I didn’t like her scenes with Yuan Yi. I basically just didn’t like Yuan Yi. What a weak character! Yue’s character was also a bit annnoying, and righteous yet complainy. She wasn’t that bad though. She was a little charming. Ahmon was hands-down the best, most developed character (ignoring the cheesy lines w/ Qi Yue).

I hate his booger jacket though. (I’m mature, i know, you dont have to tell me). His hair was also pretty funny. As was his weird smirk-smile-sneer expression. Yue’s expressions are also quite hilarious. Plus, I kept thinking she had a mustache! I don’t know why. I got distracted by it so many times.

They did do that annoying thing where they bring in recyclable characters. Like once Li Xiang was eliminated as a rival (oops. spoiler.), she had about 3 or less lines per episode. Same with Ahrang, and Meidi.

Another thing I could’ve lived without was some of the random filler-y things. I liked Li Xiang and Yang Ping’s little thing, but QiYue’s old tutor (sorry, forgot his name) and his friend-with-almost-benefits were kinda unnecessary. She was so demanding! It’s like she’ll stop loving him if he can’t guess what she wants? I felt bad for her at first, but then she had to go and do that stupid puzzle thing.

About the ending: I was happy with the plot ending (predictable), but I didn’t like the actual ending scene. It was a bit too… random?

All in all, I enjoyed it but I have absolutely no idea why. You might like it, or you might hate it. It depends on your mood and how long its been since you’ve seen something cheesy.

His hair is better like that^


3 Responses to Devil Beside You SERIES REVIEW

  1. izza says:

    ui.. ang gwapo2 m tlaga.. crush nah crush kitah… luv u

  2. mary grace says:

    akin ka na lang mike

  3. gieroma marie says:

    u shud visit the philippines coz u r so popular here…
    there are many fan of urs want 2 see u in person….i really love ur character in devil beside me….i always laugh wen i am watching it….
    wish 2 see u sun….mmmmwwwahhh

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