Yes my Ai Yazawa binge continues… I read as much of Tenshi Nanka Janai as I could – only chapters 1-36 are available. I’m pretty sure theres only a couple more till the end. Tennai was super interesting! Becuase Yazawa’s art has developed so much between Tennai and Nana, even between Tennai and her next manga, Gokinjo Monogatari. The art was much less developed in Tennai, but still pleasant. Tennai sort of grows on you. It’s very sweet, kinda, not shallow, but still funny in that Yazawa way.

I think I’m about half-way done watching Paradise Kiss’s anime. Now that I’ve finished ParaKiss, Gokinjo Monogatari, and pratically finished Tenshi Nanka Janai, I am indeed going to start reading Nana again. Sadly, I don’t think the rest of Yazawa’a (earlier) series have even been scanlated. =(


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