An off-topic post! Manga and Hollywood!

I’m sorry… this is supposed to be a blog to keep track of Jdramas, but I’ve totally failed. The last drama I watched was Taiwanese, not Japanese, and recently I’ve been reading manga instead of finishing Kurosagi and watching all those other dramas I’ve been meaning to watch. I just couldn’t help myself. Ai Yazawa is just too cool. Haha, isnt she cool?

*Notice the Vivienne Westwood outifit. XD
Anyway, after I finished the Paradise Kiss anime (SPOILER ALERT) I had to go reread the last chapter of the manga because the anime didn’t mention Carrie was getting married to Tokumori, and that made me sad because I was one of the only people who was actually happy that they ended up together. Believe me, I liked George and all, he’s a great character, but Yukari definitely wouldn’t have been as happy with him, i don’t think. Anyway, thats just my opinion. The ending was realistic and refreshing.
Well, I had read Paradise Kiss, Gokinjo Monogatari, Tenshi Nanka Janai, and some of Nana, so I had to go read Kagen no Tsuki. Even though that genre isn’t really my favorite, since it was a Yazawa I liked it. Also, I find that if I haven’t seen much of a particular genre before I get interested in it temporarily because of the novelty. Anyway, Kagen no Tsuki is a supernatural story about a 4 children who are trying to help this ghost-like girl (only one of them can see her). Turns out she’s in a coma, and her spirit was trapped in this old house where she had lived for 2 weeks with a mysterious British musician called Adam. Complicated plot to explain, but it’s worth it to go take a look at it. Its pretty different from the work most people associate with Ai Yazawa.
I also checked out the live action movie that was made in 2004, with the guy who plays Morita from Honey and Clover (I know, he was just over-acting sooo much.) Needless to say, I didn’t like what I saw of the movie much. I’m always saying that you have to consider the movie and book versions of things as completely seperate, but I honestly just did not like how they interpreted the plot in the movie. So I didn’t finish it.
Yes, that is indeed Hyde in the movie poster. Yes, he plays Adam. And no, he’s not British. Ah well. The other picture is the cover of one of the books. It’s a prety short series. Something like 16 chapters.

Oh yeah, this isn’t a serious review about the movie Kagen no Tsuki or anything, so if you’re wondering about it you’ll have to find somebody who has actually watched the whole thing, sorry.
Lately I’ve been reading Marmalade Boy. (It’s not just because the author is friends with Yazawa, I promise). I read it awhile ago, so I thought I would read it again. I don’t really have a big opinion on it. I mean if you asked me if I liked it or didn’t like it, I would say I liked it. But theres not too much I have to say. Except for rivals, jeaoulsy, and evil Sae-like people! (Excuse the Peach Girl reference). I just hate, hate, hateeeeeee it when theres jealousy, suspicions and evil Sae-people! A) It makes me nervous! B)It’s not very original C) You already know how things will turn out, so it seems pointlessly nerve-wracking! and D) Do people really get suspicious that easily? I guess thats one thing you can learn from manga. Nobody whose read enough manga will ever get suspicious and angry ever again! Of course, there are times when you’re right to be suspicious and angry… AHH it doesn’t matter! I’m almost boring myself by going on about jealousy, suspicions, evil Sae-people, and rivals (ooh another thing I hate is a quickly introduced, then quickly disposed-of rival! Just too predictable!) These sorts of things just get in the way of the actual plot (if there is an actual plot) and annoy you.
Sighhh. I think I’ll go back to Nana once I finish Marmalade Boy. I miss seeing Yazawa’s Vivienne Westwood. Recently I’ve had a lot of fun looking at this book I got about vintage fashion. It organizes by decades. The 50’s and 60’s look fun… but the 70’s looked so awful. EXCEPT for Vivienne Westwood. I actually can’t find a thing of hers’ that I don’t like. She’s also quite innovative and prolific. I liked Hubert de Givenchy, too. He worked with Audrey Hepburn. Recently I’ve also been fascinated by early Hollywood. I read this book about the founders of Hollywood about a year ago, and I just finished this other one about Edith Head. What an amazing woman. I love looking at the old pictures of her designs. She worked with Hitchcock, too. Those early years in Hollywood were so glamorous. Heres a piccy: Edith’s on the left.
Well speaking of people/artists I admire, I like Gaudi and Antoine de St. Exupery, too. Got a little off topic at the end, there. Actually this whole post hasn’t got much to do with Jdrama. (-_-) – Also, why did I write this whole thing in italics?
PS- Did you know Wataru Yoshizumi (Marmalade Boy, Handsome Girlfriend), Miho Obana (Kodomo no Omocha/Kodocha) and Ai Yazawa are all friends? It’s weird that I happen to have read series by each of them and liked them!

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