This is a kind of unnecessary update… Skip Beat! ep. 16 and gory mangas

January 30, 2009

Well… this is unnecessary in terms of actual updates… I have gotten absolutely nothing done the past week. No homework, no studying, no watching Saiunkoku Monogatari or Ryusei no Kizuna, no finding a winter 2009 drama to follow… I think I got over my whole re-watching stuff  thing, though. I watched the first 3 episodes of Hana Kimi (Taiwan), and read some old kids books. Comet in Moominland. Those books are the most adorable things on this side of the earth. They’re not stupid kids books, either, and they’re not sappy.

Snufkin is my favorite. He’s like my kids’ book idol. Lol. If you didn’t get to read the Moomin story when you were a kid, you sure are one deprived person. Of course most people don’t know about them because they kinda skipped over America and went from Scandinavia (where they originated) to Japan. Of course, Japan is like a magnet for cute stuff like this. I think they even made a TV show out of it there. Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing. Oh wait. Yeah, I have been reading manga, too.


I finished Mars! I liked it. XD So much so, in fact, that I decided to pick up Fuyumi Soryo’s other series…


It’s a psychological thriller. Eeks. But, I seem to be immune to this sort of thing now (its all part of growing up in the 21st century) and am enjoying it. There’re 8 volumes, I think I’ve gotten up to the 4th. Mmm, genetics. It all started with the Matrix. Now I’ve gotten into this sort of thing. Well, it’s freaky. That’s why I’ve been reading Moomin books at the same time. Those books are like a magical charm that blinds all the dark evil things with its light. Since I don’t read horror/psychological thriller type things much, its fun when I do. And I’m not sick of them yet. Really the only horror/gore/gross mangas I’ve read would be Blade of the Immortal (which I didn’t even finish, a friend happened to have like 7 volumes so I read them…) and Mermaid Saga which is this completely unknown Rumiko Takahashi series (remember her? Ranma 1/2? Inu Yasha? Sound familiar?) that I’m pretty sure I read at the DENTISTS office. Believe me, I have NO idea why it was there. It involved a little boy who was 800 years old and liked cutting peoples heads off. Scary as hell. But I liked it anyways.

Well, I’ll continue reading ES. Ah, Mars made me want a motorcycle! It’d be much better than a car (unless you don’t like getting wet and you like to relax a bit when you’re traveling). Plus gas would be cheaper. And it’d probably be easy to find parking. And it must be fun.

While I was looking at the above image of Eternal Sabbath’s first volume cover, I finally realized for the first time that it had been released in America! I was staring at the english on the cover, and I was like duhhhh… This must have been released in America! Brilliant, brilliant. I guess it doesn’t matter though. I was just surprised. People seem to like it on amazon.

OK, where was I. Ah yes, I was going to think of something to say about Skip Beat! episode 16… released a few days ago. But come to think of it I really don’t have anything to say. It’s not like I want to comment on the plot since I’ve already read the manga. Ummm… yay Ren is part of the plot again and there will be a new episode soon! is basically all I can think of. Speaking of Ren, they should really try to draw his hair better in the anime. It looks crappy. *blunt*

What elsee. Ah yes Winter 2009 Drama Season! I’m not excited. I watched a little of Mei-chan’s Butler (I suck and forgot how to say butler in Japanese) with Mizushima Hiro… I know him from Hana Kimi and something else I can’t quite remember… but I don’t know the female lead at all. Probably because I didn’t like her much anyways. Mmmmmmm what can I say other than it totally failed to capture my attention and I feel like I basically saw through the whole plot? I don’t really want to bash it so soon but >< Plot = fail. Characters = fail. *Drops*

I hadn’t really planned on anything else… But since its getting so much attention, I will add what worthlessness I have to say about Boys Over Flowers the KDRAMA version. How did it turn into Boys Over Flowers, anyways? Doesn’t it have a Korean name? Most people say Hana Yori Dango. Whatever. So no, I haven’t watched any of it. And yes, that means I’m not at all qualified to say anything against it or for it. But you know, I am such a thouroughbred Jdrama fan that I have trouble taking TWdramas (too cheap and cheesy) and Kdramas (too melodramatic and sappy) seriously. Anyway one look at F4 in their Korean costumes and hair and I burst out laughing. They look so nerdy! (In an endearing way. I’m not trying to get murdered by Kdrama fans) Bow ties and sweaters and button down shirts! Kyahaha. Hm. So that was amusing. I’m not making fun of it though, really. I just like Jdrama better.

C1 anime/Animanda has officially released 5 more episodes of Saiunkoku Monogatari (season II)! Now they’re on episode 33. The website says they’re going to stop releasing them so often now. D: tears… I was hoping for a quick release all the way up to the end so I could have a marathon… but it is not to be. I’m gonna have to make myself start watching it again soon to regain interest because this way I’ll never finish it. I will watch all the way up to the last 2 and then kill myself waiting for them. It seems like they will be releasing their version of 33-37 as well as those last 2 38-39 (end) eventually though, so I really can’t complain. In fact, I’m happy someone has decided to finish up the series for us poor English-only speaking types. It’s been, what, a year now since broadcasting ended?

Now that I’m in the right mood for picking up things I’ve stalled on (though mostly they were stalled due to unavailable [good] subtitled versions) I will go watch Ryusei no Kizuna episode 6~ and continue to not do my homework.


Rewatching mania. Why?

January 25, 2009

Gosh it feels like its been awhile. I haven’t been writing cause I haven’t had anything to write about. For one thing, I was in Washington D.C. for a certain inauguration (it was insane. i wouldn’t even ask.) And then, most of the things I’m watching haven’t been subbed yet anyways. Ryusei no Kizuna, Saiunkoku Monogatari and Skip Beat have all been on hold. I was gonna put some HYD 2 on my flashdrive and watch it on the laptop so I could watch the movie when I got back, but I forgot that I hadn’t downloaded defilerpak onto this laptop  and then I couldn’t get internet access. Yeah.  I have I lot of good excuses. Anyway now I’m back and Skip Beat 15 is up, Ryusei no Kizuna 6 is up from SARS, and SaiMono is getting back on track (sort of) from C1/Animanda. At least they’ve released another episode. It’s 27 and a recap though, and crystalis has already subbed up through 37. But it’s comforting to know they haven’t forgotten about it. I like their subs better, too, so I’m downloading their version as well. Anyway, it won’t be too long before they get the rest of the series out.

Skip Beat 15 was good, a new arc. Unfortunately, I can’t compare it to the manga, which, also unfortunately, I can’t even read in good quality D: I wish I wasn’t broke so i could buy the American releases. Ahhh the feeling of a new book… I want money.

Aside from all that ^ I’ve recently been attacked by a brutal case of wanting-to-rewatch-things. I think it must have started with Fancy Lala (see previoues post). I only watched 3 episodes, but I’m thinking I might get back to finishing it eventually. It’s funny how I enjoy kids shows. Although there was also HYD 2, which I started rewatching… and now I feel like watching Hana Kimi the TAIWANESE version, which supposedly I didn’t even LIKE. So I watched the first 5 minutes of that, and for some reason it reminded me of The Matrix; I think I watched them both around the same time… spring. Which is the upcoming season. Ahhhhh winter’s not even over yet, brain! So now I’m gonna be compelled to rewatch anything I’ve ever watched in the Spring! Hana Kimi Taiwan, The Matrix, Time Between Dog and Wolf (I should finish that anyways…), Kodocha, and god knows what else! I shouldn’t waste time rewatching things… why do I end up doing it anyways?

Sigh. Well, there is one new thing – I mentioned last time that I was interested in watching Mars (TWdrama). Um. That’s probably not gonna happen since I coincidentally picked up the manga. Turns out I’ve read the first 2 books already, but then I kinda went crazy and I read up through volume 10 in way too short a time. I did stop there to eat though. Plus I kinda maybe read ahead a little, and I think the last 5 volumes will just be dragging stuff out pretty much. But if they’re like the rest of the series, it’ll go fast anyways. So now I like the manga too much to put myself through watching the TWdrama version of it.

CRAP. Just thinking about Mars reminded me of Nobuta wo Produce which I now also want to rewatch. And then I was reminded that it’s been awhile since I’ve seen a Studio Ghibli film and now I have to watch Whisper of the Heart, the Cat Returns, Umi ga Kikoeru, Spirited Away, Mononoke Hime, and Nausicaa. And now Nausicaa has reminded me of Bone, which I also want to reread and Blade Runner. Argh. You know, this is insane. Saying “argh” reminds me of Pirates, and that reminds me of those Wolf Tower novels that I like. And I’ve actually read those recently.

Umm. Back to Mars. Its dramatic without being melodramatic. For some reason it made me go back and watch the Ayashi no Ceres opening. I realized again how crappy the anime is -.- (In terms of animation) so now I want to read that also. Why is it that the mangas I like all have to be such monstrosities? Fruits Basket = 23 volumes. Mars = 15 volumes. Peach Girl = a painful 20 volumes. Kare Kano = 21 volumes.  Skip Beat = 22 and ongoing. Ayashi no Ceres is 14 volumes. Sighhhh.

Look at this, too:

Things I’ve started that I should finish sometime before the sun explodes:


Attention Please

Nana (manga)

Time Between Dog And Wolf

Revolutionary Girl Utena (I started this when, 3rd grade?)

Gosh what a huge mountain of things to watch. I think I’ll run away by going to watch Ryuusei no Kizuna episode 6, which just finished downloading. Then… I might give in and watch Taiwan hana Kimi D:

*Edited like 2 minutes after posting: I forgot to say that I also watched the first episode of japanese Hana Kimi again. Maybe I’m going to turn into an insane person, watch them simultaneously and then write crazy posts comparing the two? Oh speaking of, imagine the field day bloggers are having what with the new Korean version of Hana Yori Dango. Comparing Meteor Garden (TWdrama), Hana Yori Dango (Jdrama), and Boys Over Flowers (Kdrama)… geez. Throw in the manga and the anime and you have one insane mass of fans each defending their favorite version.

When does it end? NEVER. More things to do:

January 11, 2009

Just when I think I’m about to go on a break from entertainment, it hits me again how many movies, dramas, animes there are to watch. How will I ever watch everything? I like the real world, too, you know…

What brought this on? I bought the $50 Warner Bros. movie book, 2 inches thick, complete with color pictures of all of Warner Bros. best movies and stars. Hollywood crazy, you say? A little bit, I answer modestly. And before you think I’m extravant and waste money on $50 books, I will say that I went to the store to use up my gift cards from last year. And I couldn’t give up this book. So many pictures! I have a weakness for the cinema. As soon as I opened that book, I was never letting go of it. And Warner Bros made a couple of my favorite movies, The Matrix and Blade Runner. And Miss Congeniality is in there, too, which I have a weakness for since its from my childhood days… and it goes back to the Bogart and Bette Davis days. Sigh. Yeah, I’m happy. So now I want to watch every single movie listed in that book. I’ve only seen about 10% of them. Gahh.

And as I was reminiscing about when Miss Congeniality was my favorite movie, I also remembered something else I watched as a kid: Fancy Lala. WHAT? you say. FANCY LALA. Yes, thats right. A mahou-shoujo-ish kid anime! Gosh, this brings back memories.

I remember really liking this, because it was just quirky enough to suit my tastes. No Barney for me, no sir. It’s super random, but the ending is very mature, I recall. It’s not stupid and sappy, like. Even though it is a mahou-transforming-3rd-grader anime, it’s also just about the main character, who is a real (albeit 3rd grader) person too. I think it was quite realistic. *BIAS WARNING* I haven’t actually seen this in about 6 years or more, and what I do remember, I’ll remember fondly because it was form the good old days. Anyway, now I feel like watching it again. If I do, maybe I’ll write a full post about it.

What elseeee. Ah yes, going cautiously back to the TWdrama genre, cautiously because I know from experience what TWdrama is like, aka sappy, melodramatic, predictable and painful, but because I occasionally enjoy that, I’m thinking about watching Mars. Adapted from the manga. Again. I belive I’ve read the first 3 volumes of the manga. Part of the reason I’m considering watching it when I’m a little less tied up is because from what I’ve heard it’s basically the most un-TWdrama TWdrama ever. I’m taking that as a good sign. The downside is (or upside, depending on how much I like it and how draggy it is) that it’s 20 episodes long, which is A LOT.

I’ll keep it in mind.


*Natsuki Takaya’s (Fruits Basket) other manga are so random. I have no idea how she ended up writing Furuba. I read a bit of Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono. Very random.

*IYAAA Skip Beat is being made into a TWDrama, my soul screams in agony. Ariel Lin and Jerry Lan play Kyoko and Ren. Agh. It’s supposed to be called “Excellent Challenge” or something, and it’s on hold. It might be interesting to see them TRY… but no, I can already imagine how awful it’ll be. I won’t rant, in case it’s not awful and because it’s none of my business what they do with the script. I only wish them luck surviving the wrath of fans if they mangle the script like they tend to.

And that concludes this post. Which isn’t really about anything, since I didn’t watch anything today. I am holding off on the HYD movie till I finish HYD Returns, which I’m holding off on because I hate the episode I’m on. It’s the one where Tsukushi completely botches all the time she’s spent getting close to Domyoji and for no reason tearfully leaves him in that rainy goodbye scene. And soon afterwards Domyoji ridiculously loses his memory. Also holding off on SaiMono because I kinda want to wait till all the subs are out, then rewatch the last couple I’ve seen so that I’ll uderstand them better and then marathon until the finale. I’ll probably ending up ditching that plan, since the subs will be up god knows when. And finally, holding off on Ryusei no Kizuna (SARS-fansubs version) and Skip Beat because the subs aren’t out yet, silly! What’s that you say? Kurosagi? Sorry, I didn’t hear *runs away*.

SaiMono goings-on

January 10, 2009

Sighhhhh. Another day, another unfruitful search for the last Saiunkoku Monogatari episodes. In the watching I’m at episode 30, a little into the Ran Jyuusan-hime arc. In the searching, I have finally realized that even though its been almost a year since the final episode aired, no one has finished fansubbing SaiMono Season 2. I did (miraculously) find episode 29 streamed, and also episode 37 for download. I think ep 36 is just a recap, but I’d still like to have it subbed D: As far as 38-39, no subbing group has touched them yet. Thank god C1/Animanda have picked it up again. They’ve only released up through 26 as of today, but their website says they are working on all the remaining episodes. Should you like to follow their releases, here is a link:

I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out what was happening D: Google is kinda unhelpful, since they give you all these unrelevant hits. Recently I’ve been more inclined towards Gahh. I could just read the summary and screen shots on thatanimeblog, but… I guess I’m doomed to wait. It’s okay, since I have like six more episodes to watch before I run out.

I’ve become a little obsessed. Maybe. Ahaha. Anyway I want to read the novels, as I might have mentioned before, because they come with pictures, but I really doubt that they’ll ever be published/translated word for word in original format online.; in english. And I’ll have to get way better at Japanese to understand them. No fair. Spanish is my second language. ¿Por qué no tomé Japonés cuando estaba en escuela?

As far as the Jyuusan-hime arc, I like it. The whole joukan arc was a little too filler-y. But it was still amusing. Tan-tan especially. Shuurei is way too naive, which is why the joukan thing and Tantan are good for her. It’s also nice that we finally have another female character, because Shuurei has quite the reverse harem thing going. Course, Jyuusan-hime should back off from Ryuuki, but still… finally we have a more dramatic arc. Yay. But I do hope there’s a third season in the next couple of years. I hope I still care if there is one by then. o.O How many more novels will there be, I wonder… I think it’s around 14 now, including 3 side stories. Ehh will I ever get to read them? D;

Sorry that I have no pictures; I’m lazy and I don’t take screenshots.


January 6, 2009

All right this is my third post of this ridiculous day, things are more organized this way though. Anyway, this is a short post, just to say


Thank you so much SARS fansubs, the most beautiful people ever.

I think I’ll just let the beautiful torrent pieces file in, then finish watching Hana Yori Dango Returns (again) so that I will actually remember what happened, then I can watch it~ super exciting.

Next, I will briefly mention that I’ve decided to follow the new-ish Skip Beat anime. I already have to wait for the manga chapters, so why shouldn’t I wait for the anime episodes, too? Skip Beat is another one of those inexplicable joys for me. I have no idea why I like it so much, but it seriously cracks me up.  Can’t find any anime pictures yet.

Stand Up!! Reviews

January 6, 2009

Ahhh what am I going to say about this. I feel as though I should almost be embarrassed to write this, but I really, really enjoyed watching this drama. I have no idea why I started watching it, because if you read the summary it sounds like it’ll just be stupid sex jokes and a lame ending. While there were some stupid sex jokes, overall I think it was really more about friendship and the like… its quite innocent and cute, but at the same time its serious.

I’m really not sure what to write because I’m so biased towards this. Basically it made me laugh way too much. It reminded me of watching Gokusen during the summer, and I was so happy watching this because it made me forget how cold it is outside right now.

This was yet another series I started while waited for Ryusei no Kizuna; Nino actually might have been the reason I started watching it. But gosh, he’s super different! In Stand Up!! he’s pretty much a geeky kid, he looks so different in Ryusei no Kizuna. Actually its because of Nino that I watched Letters From Iwo Jima, you know the Clint Eastwood movie thats in Japanese? Tells the story from Japan’s point of view and its a companion movie to Flags of Our Fathers. I looked at the actors names on the back and I was like …blah de blah, war, Ken Watanabe, Kazunari Ninomiya… wait… NINOMIYA? Why is he in a Hollywood movie?! So I watched it. I rarely watch war movies because unfortunately, they’re hardly original. It had its moments though. I liked the ending the best.

In conclusion (I’m back to Stand Up!! now); while others may ridicule or scoff at this, it will always make me laugh and remind that summer is never TOO far away.

Ayashi no Ceres

January 6, 2009

Yes, I casually mentioned it in my last post, the anime that I picked up while waiting for Ryusei no Kizuna and Saiunkoku Monogatari. I have finished it! Ayashi no Ceres, known in America as Ceres: Celestial Legend.

Wow. Let me just say: awesome, awesome plot. A little bloody, but really good. (You know this is a biased opinion, right?)

I wondered for so long who these people were. But I wont spoil it.

I wondered for so long who these people were. But I won't spoil it.

My first impressions were: 90’s bright colors and drawing style + Toya’s awful tight cropped shirt = awfully entertaining. But I must admit I was kind of wrong. While I’m not really partial to this sort of drawing and animation style, it does get the job done. The job being to provide a vehicle for an extremely compelling plot. After I finished this I lay awake for 2 hours thinking about how scary it must be to have kids. Not necessarily because of the whole pregnancy thing, but because your whole life would just change so drastically. I mean, thats not really what you might think of when you watch Ceres, but it is really about reincarnation and reproduction.

Now the plot completely balances the 90’s-ness and the un-brilliant-ness of the heroine, Aya.

I was a bit confused by some things, so I looked into the manga a bit; and I probably should have just read the manga in the first place, because it’s the same wonderful plot without the icky colors and confusing parts. If I feel like it someday, I’ll remember to read Ayashi no Ceres. Yes, it’s by Yuu Watase. In my opinion, is she good? Alice 19th, yes, for the most part. Fushigi Yuugi and Imadoki, sort of. Absolute Boyfriend, sorry but no.

I recommend if you’re tired of the same old boring shoujo plots. I warn that there are some slightly freaky things, but it doesn’t have the mood of a horror anime at all. Or maybe I’m just immune. Mwahah.