Happy New Year!

Ah winter break is the best. There’s so much time! It’s quite lovely. Unfortunately it’s ending all too soon. But, putting that aside, there’s lots of things to write about: this time it’s Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2, Ayashi no Ceres, Stand Up!!, and still Romeo X Juliet, Ryusei no Kizuna and Hana Yori Dango Returns.

You know I should really make seperate posts about all this stuff. It gets kinda confusing like this. For now, I will start with Saiunkoku Monogatari again~


God that long name is killing me. The series, however, is not, and definitely ranks above Romeo X Juliet in my opinion. I really don’t have much to say other than I really enjoy it. It’s fun counting how many people want to marry Shuurei by now… *thinks* Let’s see, there’s Ryuki, Seiran, Kouyuu, that Tan-tan guy, Santa, and possibly Ryuuren also… what is that, six? Honestly…Oh and then there’s Sa Sakujun, but I guess he’s kinda dead… or is he?

It is a bit problematic trying to find the complete series though, because I think it’s been licensed by the same company that licensed the first season for America, so now people are having to delete the donwloads, and there’s only one site where you can get downloads past episode 26… and they’re missing 29, and 36-39. Fortunately I think I can watch those on youtube, I’m pretty sure they’re there. Then if I REALLLLLY need to own those missing episodes, I might be able to get them from a friend.

But now, I want to read the novels. I’m probably doomed with those novels… maybe somehow they’ll end up in English… or maybe I’ll just have to give up and learn kanji…

Anyway this is my favorite anime right now because it never fails my expectations.


Finally finished this, let me just say it’s entertaining and I’m not taking back any of what I said in my previous post, but overall it wasn’t super great. Given that Romeo and Juliet really didn’t talk to each other, it was kind of a waste for them to die for each other. Oops, sorry if that was a spoiler, but please. You know how it ends. My interest was held by the different setting of Neo Verona and the whole “becoming a tree to save the world” thing. I totally did not get that Ophelia was slightly evil until way later.

My favorite character was Tybalt. Why did they show so little of him? He was such a good character!

I found Romeo X Juliet entertaining and interesting, but lacking something… I guess it just didn’t have enough substance and main character development… Juliet and Romeo were both such incredibly weak characters, until they suddenly became all “Ima save the world!” at the end, which made it kinda random. In short, if it was totally different I would have loved it. So I guess I’ll give it and 7/10 for good idea, but poor execution.


I started watching this kinda to kill time… and since then I just thought I might as well finish it.

So far, I have to say it’s really not that great, but this sort of plot always intrigues me, so hopefully it won’t disappoint. Here is a summary, copied and pasted from wikipedia.com by my lazy self: actually, you know what, never mind. The summary on wikipedia is freaking long. I’ll write a short crappy one instead.


Ayashi no Ceres is about Aya and Aki, twins who are descended from a celestial being, Ceres, and this Mikage creepo guy who raped her. Ceres was forced to stay on Earth with the Mikage creep because he hid her celestial robe, without which she could not return to heaven. Now, she has been reincarnated in Aya, and Mikage creep has been reincarnated in Aki, which is freaky because they’re twins. The rest of the Mikage family is torn between the gramps, who wants to kill Aya/Ceres, and Kagami, the SUPER creepy cousin who has some ulterior motive that I havn’t figured out yet. Kagami is obsessed with the “celestial gene/C-genome” that means you are descended from a celestial being and might end up with some sort of power. So he makes up a bunch of plots to find people with C-genomes. Meanwhile, Aya ran away to live with the Aogiri family because her family is freaky and tried to kill her. Oh, she also has this thing with Kagami’s henchman, Toya.

There. It’s actually more complicated than that, but if you really care, you can watch the anime or read the manga.

The anime is kinda funny because its so obviously from the 90’s. The drawing style, the thick eyelashes, the obscenely bright colors, Toya’s skin-tight cropped shirt outfit… it all screams awful. Which is why I’m enjoying it. I’ll wait till I’ve finished before going on anymore.


I watched this drama while waiting for Ryusei no Kizuna (it’s kinda hard to wait for SARS, but they are the best, so wait I will). It deserves its own post, so I won’t ramble on here.


I’m liking Ryusei no Kizuna better, now that I’m up to episode 5, it doesn’t seem like it’ll turn episodic on me. Ohhh myyy goddd the curry looks soooo good. I practically die every time they make hayashi rice. It’s turning out to be more reminiscent of Hotaru no Hikari than Kurosagi. I mean there’s still the whole their-family-was-murdered aspect, but the majority is kinda happy. I like.


Watching this for a second time all I can think is… “Gosh… was Tsukushi really THAT annoying?”

This time around, Hanazawa Rui is by far my favorite character. I’m kinda tired of Tsukushi’s messing around. They go around in circles all the time. I still love them, though.


I went to see a play! I don’t do that much, but it was really fun. I should see plays more. Ahh you know how this time of year is. Busy but not busy. Course New Year’s eve was fun. Ah, lovely champagne. I’m kinda glad the actual holidays are over, but I don’t ever want this break to end.


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