SaiMono goings-on

Sighhhhh. Another day, another unfruitful search for the last Saiunkoku Monogatari episodes. In the watching I’m at episode 30, a little into the Ran Jyuusan-hime arc. In the searching, I have finally realized that even though its been almost a year since the final episode aired, no one has finished fansubbing SaiMono Season 2. I did (miraculously) find episode 29 streamed, and also episode 37 for download. I think ep 36 is just a recap, but I’d still like to have it subbed D: As far as 38-39, no subbing group has touched them yet. Thank god C1/Animanda have picked it up again. They’ve only released up through 26 as of today, but their website says they are working on all the remaining episodes. Should you like to follow their releases, here is a link:

I’ve spent so much time trying to figure out what was happening D: Google is kinda unhelpful, since they give you all these unrelevant hits. Recently I’ve been more inclined towards Gahh. I could just read the summary and screen shots on thatanimeblog, but… I guess I’m doomed to wait. It’s okay, since I have like six more episodes to watch before I run out.

I’ve become a little obsessed. Maybe. Ahaha. Anyway I want to read the novels, as I might have mentioned before, because they come with pictures, but I really doubt that they’ll ever be published/translated word for word in original format online.; in english. And I’ll have to get way better at Japanese to understand them. No fair. Spanish is my second language. ¿Por qué no tomé Japonés cuando estaba en escuela?

As far as the Jyuusan-hime arc, I like it. The whole joukan arc was a little too filler-y. But it was still amusing. Tan-tan especially. Shuurei is way too naive, which is why the joukan thing and Tantan are good for her. It’s also nice that we finally have another female character, because Shuurei has quite the reverse harem thing going. Course, Jyuusan-hime should back off from Ryuuki, but still… finally we have a more dramatic arc. Yay. But I do hope there’s a third season in the next couple of years. I hope I still care if there is one by then. o.O How many more novels will there be, I wonder… I think it’s around 14 now, including 3 side stories. Ehh will I ever get to read them? D;

Sorry that I have no pictures; I’m lazy and I don’t take screenshots.


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