When does it end? NEVER. More things to do:

Just when I think I’m about to go on a break from entertainment, it hits me again how many movies, dramas, animes there are to watch. How will I ever watch everything? I like the real world, too, you know…

What brought this on? I bought the $50 Warner Bros. movie book, 2 inches thick, complete with color pictures of all of Warner Bros. best movies and stars. Hollywood crazy, you say? A little bit, I answer modestly. And before you think I’m extravant and waste money on $50 books, I will say that I went to the store to use up my gift cards from last year. And I couldn’t give up this book. So many pictures! I have a weakness for the cinema. As soon as I opened that book, I was never letting go of it. And Warner Bros made a couple of my favorite movies, The Matrix and Blade Runner. And Miss Congeniality is in there, too, which I have a weakness for since its from my childhood days… and it goes back to the Bogart and Bette Davis days. Sigh. Yeah, I’m happy. So now I want to watch every single movie listed in that book. I’ve only seen about 10% of them. Gahh.

And as I was reminiscing about when Miss Congeniality was my favorite movie, I also remembered something else I watched as a kid: Fancy Lala. WHAT? you say. FANCY LALA. Yes, thats right. A mahou-shoujo-ish kid anime! Gosh, this brings back memories.

I remember really liking this, because it was just quirky enough to suit my tastes. No Barney for me, no sir. It’s super random, but the ending is very mature, I recall. It’s not stupid and sappy, like. Even though it is a mahou-transforming-3rd-grader anime, it’s also just about the main character, who is a real (albeit 3rd grader) person too. I think it was quite realistic. *BIAS WARNING* I haven’t actually seen this in about 6 years or more, and what I do remember, I’ll remember fondly because it was form the good old days. Anyway, now I feel like watching it again. If I do, maybe I’ll write a full post about it.

What elseeee. Ah yes, going cautiously back to the TWdrama genre, cautiously because I know from experience what TWdrama is like, aka sappy, melodramatic, predictable and painful, but because I occasionally enjoy that, I’m thinking about watching Mars. Adapted from the manga. Again. I belive I’ve read the first 3 volumes of the manga. Part of the reason I’m considering watching it when I’m a little less tied up is because from what I’ve heard it’s basically the most un-TWdrama TWdrama ever. I’m taking that as a good sign. The downside is (or upside, depending on how much I like it and how draggy it is) that it’s 20 episodes long, which is A LOT.

I’ll keep it in mind.


*Natsuki Takaya’s (Fruits Basket) other manga are so random. I have no idea how she ended up writing Furuba. I read a bit of Tsubasa wo Motsu Mono. Very random.

*IYAAA Skip Beat is being made into a TWDrama, my soul screams in agony. Ariel Lin and Jerry Lan play Kyoko and Ren. Agh. It’s supposed to be called “Excellent Challenge” or something, and it’s on hold. It might be interesting to see them TRY… but no, I can already imagine how awful it’ll be. I won’t rant, in case it’s not awful and because it’s none of my business what they do with the script. I only wish them luck surviving the wrath of fans if they mangle the script like they tend to.

And that concludes this post. Which isn’t really about anything, since I didn’t watch anything today. I am holding off on the HYD movie till I finish HYD Returns, which I’m holding off on because I hate the episode I’m on. It’s the one where Tsukushi completely botches all the time she’s spent getting close to Domyoji and for no reason tearfully leaves him in that rainy goodbye scene. And soon afterwards Domyoji ridiculously loses his memory. Also holding off on SaiMono because I kinda want to wait till all the subs are out, then rewatch the last couple I’ve seen so that I’ll uderstand them better and then marathon until the finale. I’ll probably ending up ditching that plan, since the subs will be up god knows when. And finally, holding off on Ryusei no Kizuna (SARS-fansubs version) and Skip Beat because the subs aren’t out yet, silly! What’s that you say? Kurosagi? Sorry, I didn’t hear *runs away*.


2 Responses to When does it end? NEVER. More things to do:

  1. Megan says:

    Hey, I was just scanning through your website by chance and I saw that post about Mars..well I read parts of the manga and I watched the TWDrama, recently I rewatched it out of an urge I had and I still LOVE it. It is very close to the manga storyline which is unusual for some drama’s. I found some of the acting a bit dodgy from Barbie Xiu but I found Vic Zhou amazing in his acting. I think this drama was produced after Meteor Garden and Vic did really well in it that even I was amazed. Apart from some acting which I found really odd the storyline wasn’t all that mushy and fluffy some was really down to earth and psycological which I like and a bit more on the serious side. So if you do end up reading it I recommend it to you as I couldn’t stop watching it once it started 🙂

    • jeanniex1 says:

      Yes I did read the books. It surprised me how much I enjoyed it. I read them all in like 2 days. I think I will probably end up watching the TWdrama eventually, but it’s kinda off my radar for now. Thanks for the rec. XD

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