February 27, 2009

EDIT: Expect a REAL HARDCORE REVIEW of both seasons, possibly within the year 2009 or as soon as I rewatch the whole fucking thing (YES, I am psyched to do that) ~


And here it is, my ramblings on Saiunkoku thus far~

SAIUNKOKU MONOGATARINot just another bishie harem anime

Sadly, I really fail at technology and screenshots, so I won’t really have pictures… I could always steal someone else’s, but I’m starting to feel bad when I do that. But enough of that, this is about Saiunkoku Monogatari!

I have now watched 78 episodes of this show, and I don’t feel that any of that time I spent was wasted. I think I’ll list bad things first. Mostly what I’ve heard that people didn’t like about this was the extreme complicated plots with a lot of dialogue, and the recap episodes. This is what I have to say about that:

If it wasn’t complicated, it wouldn’t be Saiunkoku. The recap episodes were a little annoying and it was pretty obvious that there were so many because the production company was having budget issues. But aren’t we all? And I actually found the recaps kinda helpful. No, you don’t get on with the plot, but they did let the action from the previous episodes sink in… kinda like a chapter review in a textbook. Bad comparison, but you get it, right? I’m sure it wasn’t just me who got a teensy bit confused by the plot at times.

I did like some story arcs more than others, but I think each arc did a good job developing the plot… and thank god Ryuuki finally got his well-deserved character development! I had been waiting for that…

Part of what I like about this anime is that it’s really long, but it doesn’t feel long at all. Each episode continued to keep me watching, and then before I knew it, I was halfway through. What with all the dialogue and everything it might seem slow, but I didn’t find it to be slow at all.

Ummm… I think thats my best attempt at a review. Up next is… praying for Season 3! If Madhouse leaves us poor non-Japanese speakers hanging with that ending, I will punch someone and make them translate and give me all of the novels. I want 7 things:

1. Jyuusan-hime & Shun

2. Shusui

3. Bara-hime & the Hyou family

4. Ouki and Anjuu!! What the heck was that in the last episode?!

5. What is Tan-tan doing?

6. Is it too much to ask for a revival of Sakujun? I miss him.

7. More of the eight color gods people!

What I loved about Saiunkoku Monogatari:

– The art was consistently good, except for a few weird things like the whirlpool in episode 34-35

– The music was very pleasant. It would be weird if they had used a different OP for the 2nd season.

– Sakujun, my love, you creepy bastard. Come back, please…

– While some characters tend to sort of slide into the background, they don’t completely disappear for no reason

– I actually found it possible to keep track of the characters. Still not quite sure how. I think I used up the space in my memory I should have been using to study.

Okay, this is getting less and less organized. I better wrap it up now. I may or may not edit this to include pictures (if I figure out how to upload screenshots; damn you windows). I’m awaiting the 3rd season~

Saiunkoku Monogatari:

– political period anime w/ a dash of comedy and romance!

– only for people who have attention spans and ability to figure out plots and names

– a huge cast of good characters


Temporary post to hold over till I’m not lazy~!

February 24, 2009

Wahh, I finished Saiunkoku Monogatari! I’m just writing this to remind myself that I have to write a season wrap-up post about SM, and also a super secret special rhyming prayer for a third season. I’m gonna wait to write up that post, because I want to finish Ryusei no Kizuna as well so I can write their respective posts at the same time. SARS has yet to upload the subbed finale~ I’m excited! I’ve enjoyed Ryusei no Kizuna a lot this season, even though I started it late and have been waiting patiently for only the SARS subs.

With these 2 series out of the way (sadly), I think I will watch … INU YASHA! I want to finish volume 36 of the manga (where the anime ends) before I finish the anime and I want to finish the anime before I finish the manga. So I think now would be a perfect time to start watching the anime, what with all this sudden extra watching-time I will have. Inu Yasha will be kind of a hassle to get since I’m so picky and refuse to watch dubs. Plus I’m lazy and have done enough searching for the subs online. So I’m planning on renting the DVDs from Netflix. Whoo! It’ll take awhile, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

I am on volume 20 of the manga already. Pretty soon I will surpass where I’d read up to before. I never even read half of it. This freaking series is twice as long as everything I’ve ever read before, except Ranma, which doesn’t count because it doesn’t have a plot to follow. And it’s still 18 volumes longer than Ranma! *Still in awe over how long it is, and wondering how freaking many plot twists and side-plots there are, anyways*

Also, today is Monday, which means, of course…. new Skip Beat! Yay, it looks like they’ll be continuing this through the Dark Moon story arc. My favorite. Unfortunately, this show seems to be trying to aim at younger kids as well, which explains the bad quality and the fact that some things were cut out. I hope they don’t cut TOO much out. Eheheh. Anyway episode 20 was very enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to episode 21!

My loves have returned!

February 18, 2009

Yes my love of the past season, my multiple loves, have returned to my life! THANK YOU SO MUCH, C1 Anime and Animanda! I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE THE BEST, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, and I WISH YOU ALL LONG, HAPPY, MARVY, GROOVY, ANIME-FILLED LIVES. *Bows*.

Get the pic? Anyone who happens to be reading this who also happens to be looking for  Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2 english subbed episode updates, today is your lucky day! C1/Animanda has released the entire series subbed in english! 39 beautiful episodes! It sure took them awhile, but I understand completely and I am all the more grateful that they released it at all! So now you know what has been downloading in my utorrent queue for the past few days. I am about the happiest person I know right now, because I finally, FINALLY have the entire series all lined up nicely and perfectly. I have 5 more episodes to watch. I am savoring. I really hope for a third season. *PRAYINGGG*

Did I mention I smell like about 20 different perfumes right now and its about to make me pass out? This is what happens when you go into Sephora with a friend. I did get some jeans for $15 bucks though. Don’t you just love this economy?

Back to my blog. (please be quiet, brain). Oh yes, New Ryusei no Kizuna AND new Skip Beat! La~ heaven. Lets see, Skip Beat! episode 19 was quite entertaining with a bit of a dun-dun-dun ending, will Ren hate Kyoko now that he realized she was in Fuwa Shou’s PV?! I dunnooo! (I actually should, because I’ve read the manga about 3 times, but unfortunately I have the most crap memory on the planet. I should take some of those ginko whatsits.)

_insert screenshot here. apologies for the laziness. use your freaking imagination_

I know I’m a bit behind with Ryusei no Kizuna since I’m picking and want the SARS version, but Ryusei no Kizuna episode 7 anyways! RNK makes me happy. Along with Inu Yasha and Skip Beat. They are my sources of joy. SaiMono also makes me pretty happy. Anyway, I’m a crap reviewer and I haven’t got anything profound to say about this particular episode. It’s not really a shocking drama or anything. It is lovely, though. I’m not really sure what Mika Nakashime is doing in it… I think they just had her sing the background song (Orion) and then they were like, “Hey, lets have Mika run around while the camera’s rolling and leave that in the footage for the show” and they gave her some random lines – anyone know why she calls Nino “Axel”? – and there you have it.

Well, I kind of have a life again now that its not too freaking cold to step more than 1 foot away from a heater blasting90 degree air. I should actually be a bear. I basically just hibernate all winter. I guess technically February is still winter… but its all nice out now. So yes, my life has returned (a little). I’ve been shopping and traveling to nearby towns and the next state and all that sort of fun stuff. Also reading a novel called The Middle Heart about early 20th century China. And Inu Yasha~ of course, I think I’ve read about 95 chapters now. Only 500 to go! And the horror – I feel the urge (hopefully its a fleeting one) to rewatch ISWAK. Which would take up a ridiculous amount of time. And I haven’t downloaded it yet, caused when I watched it the first time I streamed it.

Umm. Turns out I haven’t got much else of interest to say. Think I’ll go watch some more Saiunkoku Monogatari. Only 5 more!! Ah, the bitter sweet mixture of delight and tragedy that comes with the end of a beloved series… well, there’s always InuYasha!

First it was Ranma, now guess what…

February 11, 2009

Did you guess? Yesm it’s Inu Yasha! Wow. You know, as soon as I finished reading Ranma 1/2 (I liked the ending. I really did. It was very pleasant.) I actually said to myself, Okay, just because you liked Ranma does NOT mean you have to go read all 56 volumes of Inu Yasha. Guess what I started reading the next day. I have a good excuse though. See, I liked Takahashi Rumiko ever since I was like 8 years old. Seriously, I had already read the majority of all that Ranma (so i guess technically i was actually re-reading it), and I distinctly remember having read like 20 or so volumes of Inu Yasha. That doesn’t really justify anything, but I thought I’d throw that out there. And its the only mainstream franchise Americanized manga/anime series that I like. Actually I shouldn’t say that, because I liked Rurouni Kenshin too (I think they called it Samurai X in American?).And does Cardcaptor Sakura count? Because I only watched the Japanese version. In third grade, yes, but hey. Oh… I guess if you want to go there, Pokemon and Sailor Moon… but come on, everybody watched that.

I should say that obviously I’m one of those freakish OCD types who refuses to watch anime in English. I hate, hate, haaaate it. And anyway, back to Inu Yasha, I’m still debating whether or not I’m gonna watch the TV show; I never did watch more than a couple episodes when I was into Inu Yasha before… plus I’ve heard the show only goes through volume 36, and has a crap ending. So we’ll see. Hopefully I won’t watch it, because I would like to see daylight sometime, and what with 50 volumes of anime and 56 volumes of manga, that wouldn’t happen. Plus there is still Ryusei no Kizuna, Skip Beat, Saiunkoku Monogatari and all that good stuff.

And even though the anime is all like “the characters are brought to life!” and in color and everything, the manga just has that Rumiko Takahashi touch that is what keeps me reading even though at times it will seem like it never, ever ends and you just want to throw something and make them remember that there is a plot, here.

But wait: I just thought of something. Mainstream anime. I mean like Naruto and Bleach and One Piece, the huge ones, you know what I mean, right? Gah. What I’m trying to say is the huge monstrous things tend not to interest me. They just don’t. Which is why it’s so weird for me to suddenly read Inu Yasha. Maybe I just get tired of watching the same thing, because the problem is, you watch non-mainstream things to get away from watching stuff thats all the same, right? But what if the non-mainstream stuff you watch starts to get to be all the same? That’s why you switch back and forth! Great genius, huh? But even so, it isn’t typical of me to get into long, twisting, plot deviating, huge character list, disposable characters, hundreds of story arcs, repetitive stuff.

The true answer is this: I just like Inu Yasha. Simple as that. No reason. Just do. Same for Rurouni Kenshin. Anything from when I was a kid is automatically fantastic.

Um, sorry for the kinda of out of character posts recently, I know, I know – jdrama post, where oh where can you be? But I just write about whatever the hell I’m watching/reading, so whatever. And for the next couple of weeks, it looks like its going to be Inu Yasha. (56 volumes! Thats like a death sentence for me! *is used to less than 20 volumes*)

Gawd. UNbelievable.

February 3, 2009

…what I’ve been doing. You wanna know? You really wanna know? I have been reading Ranma 1/2. Yes. I DID say that right. D: First I’m all “I am SO not gonna waste my time anymore!” and then I turn right around and read 17 FREAKING VOLUMES of Ranma, which is the most plotless manga ever. But I find it incredibly funny. I don’t know if I’m just dumb, or what… but I remember reading them in like 2nd grade… the library right next to my house had like all of them, so I read them one summer. Gosh I feel like I’m enjoying this way too much.

The story actually ended… at a monstrous 38 volumes. I only have 18 volumes to go now! I WILL read all of them! …And, yes,  that is the kind of goal I set for myself. Worthless kid, huh? I am quite proud of my thriftyness however… I bought a copy of Anna Karenina for $2.00!! That’s a book the same length as Harry Potter 5 ($28.00) by Tolstoy and translated from Russian! Wow. And I’m just thinking, wow, the same kid who reads Ranma 1/2 is reading Tolstoy?!

Yeah thats the American version. Jeesh. Why have I gotten so obsessed with this? I usually don’t like repetitive things… it must be nostalgia. Geh don’t mention the anime, though. What a gross anime this turned out to be. Never ever again will I attempt watching it. Ever. I’m still impressed that I like the books so much. Why? Ah well… as long as I’m enjoying myself, I suppose…

Onto other things… hopefully having SLIGHTLY more to do with Jdrama… but alas, I fear not… because SARS hasn’t released a new Ryusei no Kizuna yet. Today is Monday, though, and that means a new Skip Beat~ oh I’m so happy, I finally got to read Skip Beat in good quality and everything. I bought one of the American releases with my Barnes and Noble gift card. I hate Barnes and Noble. It’s phony as hell. Heehee. Guess what else I bought. Catcher in the Rye~! My favorite book ever thats written before 1950! I lost my copy and couldn’t live so I bought another one.

Kyahaha. I’m pretty happy right now. After all, I can sense Spring and everything. I am like one of the first people in the Northern Hemisphere to catch Spring Fever; every year.