Gawd. UNbelievable.

…what I’ve been doing. You wanna know? You really wanna know? I have been reading Ranma 1/2. Yes. I DID say that right. D: First I’m all “I am SO not gonna waste my time anymore!” and then I turn right around and read 17 FREAKING VOLUMES of Ranma, which is the most plotless manga ever. But I find it incredibly funny. I don’t know if I’m just dumb, or what… but I remember reading them in like 2nd grade… the library right next to my house had like all of them, so I read them one summer. Gosh I feel like I’m enjoying this way too much.

The story actually ended… at a monstrous 38 volumes. I only have 18 volumes to go now! I WILL read all of them! …And, yes,  that is the kind of goal I set for myself. Worthless kid, huh? I am quite proud of my thriftyness however… I bought a copy of Anna Karenina for $2.00!! That’s a book the same length as Harry Potter 5 ($28.00) by Tolstoy and translated from Russian! Wow. And I’m just thinking, wow, the same kid who reads Ranma 1/2 is reading Tolstoy?!

Yeah thats the American version. Jeesh. Why have I gotten so obsessed with this? I usually don’t like repetitive things… it must be nostalgia. Geh don’t mention the anime, though. What a gross anime this turned out to be. Never ever again will I attempt watching it. Ever. I’m still impressed that I like the books so much. Why? Ah well… as long as I’m enjoying myself, I suppose…

Onto other things… hopefully having SLIGHTLY more to do with Jdrama… but alas, I fear not… because SARS hasn’t released a new Ryusei no Kizuna yet. Today is Monday, though, and that means a new Skip Beat~ oh I’m so happy, I finally got to read Skip Beat in good quality and everything. I bought one of the American releases with my Barnes and Noble gift card. I hate Barnes and Noble. It’s phony as hell. Heehee. Guess what else I bought. Catcher in the Rye~! My favorite book ever thats written before 1950! I lost my copy and couldn’t live so I bought another one.

Kyahaha. I’m pretty happy right now. After all, I can sense Spring and everything. I am like one of the first people in the Northern Hemisphere to catch Spring Fever; every year.


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