My loves have returned!

Yes my love of the past season, my multiple loves, have returned to my life! THANK YOU SO MUCH, C1 Anime and Animanda! I LOVE YOU, YOU ARE THE BEST, YOU ARE ALL BEAUTIFUL, and I WISH YOU ALL LONG, HAPPY, MARVY, GROOVY, ANIME-FILLED LIVES. *Bows*.

Get the pic? Anyone who happens to be reading this who also happens to be looking for  Saiunkoku Monogatari Season 2 english subbed episode updates, today is your lucky day! C1/Animanda has released the entire series subbed in english! 39 beautiful episodes! It sure took them awhile, but I understand completely and I am all the more grateful that they released it at all! So now you know what has been downloading in my utorrent queue for the past few days. I am about the happiest person I know right now, because I finally, FINALLY have the entire series all lined up nicely and perfectly. I have 5 more episodes to watch. I am savoring. I really hope for a third season. *PRAYINGGG*

Did I mention I smell like about 20 different perfumes right now and its about to make me pass out? This is what happens when you go into Sephora with a friend. I did get some jeans for $15 bucks though. Don’t you just love this economy?

Back to my blog. (please be quiet, brain). Oh yes, New Ryusei no Kizuna AND new Skip Beat! La~ heaven. Lets see, Skip Beat! episode 19 was quite entertaining with a bit of a dun-dun-dun ending, will Ren hate Kyoko now that he realized she was in Fuwa Shou’s PV?! I dunnooo! (I actually should, because I’ve read the manga about 3 times, but unfortunately I have the most crap memory on the planet. I should take some of those ginko whatsits.)

_insert screenshot here. apologies for the laziness. use your freaking imagination_

I know I’m a bit behind with Ryusei no Kizuna since I’m picking and want the SARS version, but Ryusei no Kizuna episode 7 anyways! RNK makes me happy. Along with Inu Yasha and Skip Beat. They are my sources of joy. SaiMono also makes me pretty happy. Anyway, I’m a crap reviewer and I haven’t got anything profound to say about this particular episode. It’s not really a shocking drama or anything. It is lovely, though. I’m not really sure what Mika Nakashime is doing in it… I think they just had her sing the background song (Orion) and then they were like, “Hey, lets have Mika run around while the camera’s rolling and leave that in the footage for the show” and they gave her some random lines – anyone know why she calls Nino “Axel”? – and there you have it.

Well, I kind of have a life again now that its not too freaking cold to step more than 1 foot away from a heater blasting90 degree air. I should actually be a bear. I basically just hibernate all winter. I guess technically February is still winter… but its all nice out now. So yes, my life has returned (a little). I’ve been shopping and traveling to nearby towns and the next state and all that sort of fun stuff. Also reading a novel called The Middle Heart about early 20th century China. And Inu Yasha~ of course, I think I’ve read about 95 chapters now. Only 500 to go! And the horror – I feel the urge (hopefully its a fleeting one) to rewatch ISWAK. Which would take up a ridiculous amount of time. And I haven’t downloaded it yet, caused when I watched it the first time I streamed it.

Umm. Turns out I haven’t got much else of interest to say. Think I’ll go watch some more Saiunkoku Monogatari. Only 5 more!! Ah, the bitter sweet mixture of delight and tragedy that comes with the end of a beloved series… well, there’s always InuYasha!


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