EDIT: Expect a REAL HARDCORE REVIEW of both seasons, possibly within the year 2009 or as soon as I rewatch the whole fucking thing (YES, I am psyched to do that) ~


And here it is, my ramblings on Saiunkoku thus far~

SAIUNKOKU MONOGATARINot just another bishie harem anime

Sadly, I really fail at technology and screenshots, so I won’t really have pictures… I could always steal someone else’s, but I’m starting to feel bad when I do that. But enough of that, this is about Saiunkoku Monogatari!

I have now watched 78 episodes of this show, and I don’t feel that any of that time I spent was wasted. I think I’ll list bad things first. Mostly what I’ve heard that people didn’t like about this was the extreme complicated plots with a lot of dialogue, and the recap episodes. This is what I have to say about that:

If it wasn’t complicated, it wouldn’t be Saiunkoku. The recap episodes were a little annoying and it was pretty obvious that there were so many because the production company was having budget issues. But aren’t we all? And I actually found the recaps kinda helpful. No, you don’t get on with the plot, but they did let the action from the previous episodes sink in… kinda like a chapter review in a textbook. Bad comparison, but you get it, right? I’m sure it wasn’t just me who got a teensy bit confused by the plot at times.

I did like some story arcs more than others, but I think each arc did a good job developing the plot… and thank god Ryuuki finally got his well-deserved character development! I had been waiting for that…

Part of what I like about this anime is that it’s really long, but it doesn’t feel long at all. Each episode continued to keep me watching, and then before I knew it, I was halfway through. What with all the dialogue and everything it might seem slow, but I didn’t find it to be slow at all.

Ummm… I think thats my best attempt at a review. Up next is… praying for Season 3! If Madhouse leaves us poor non-Japanese speakers hanging with that ending, I will punch someone and make them translate and give me all of the novels. I want 7 things:

1. Jyuusan-hime & Shun

2. Shusui

3. Bara-hime & the Hyou family

4. Ouki and Anjuu!! What the heck was that in the last episode?!

5. What is Tan-tan doing?

6. Is it too much to ask for a revival of Sakujun? I miss him.

7. More of the eight color gods people!

What I loved about Saiunkoku Monogatari:

– The art was consistently good, except for a few weird things like the whirlpool in episode 34-35

– The music was very pleasant. It would be weird if they had used a different OP for the 2nd season.

– Sakujun, my love, you creepy bastard. Come back, please…

– While some characters tend to sort of slide into the background, they don’t completely disappear for no reason

– I actually found it possible to keep track of the characters. Still not quite sure how. I think I used up the space in my memory I should have been using to study.

Okay, this is getting less and less organized. I better wrap it up now. I may or may not edit this to include pictures (if I figure out how to upload screenshots; damn you windows). I’m awaiting the 3rd season~

Saiunkoku Monogatari:

– political period anime w/ a dash of comedy and romance!

– only for people who have attention spans and ability to figure out plots and names

– a huge cast of good characters



  1. Maousama says:

    just love this anime !!

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