Michiko to Hatchin, Honey & Clover and MORE + Spring Anime

March 26, 2009

OKAY! Now, I am going to sit down and write a GOOD post for the first time in a while! I apologize for the very bad picture-text ratio in the last 5 posts. I had stuff to say, but no motivation to put up pictures. This time, I will be organized!

First: it looks like there won’t be anything about dramas for awhile. MAL has turned me in another direction…


Episodes watched: 16/22


Wow. Seriously awesome anime, appearances are decieving. It’s way deeper and original than it might seem at first glance. Also, really, really great characters. Some might call the plot random and scattered, but I like the unexpected element of each episode. It’s funny, but not over-the-top comedy… and it can be kind of pensive also.

I like the music, too… the ending theme isn’t great, but it works with the randomness. The settings are awesome. Overall, just very enjoyable. I’m sure the last 6 episodes won’t disappoint.


Episodes watched: 20/24


Ahhh I love Honey and Clover. Happiness in a box. I’m so happy to see this after the slight train-wreck of a Jdrama that it was… I should have ditched the drama and watched this lonnggg ago (the only thing that kept me watching back then was Ikuta Toma). All the characters are so wonderful (especially compared to their drama counterparts!) Okay, I’m gonna stop comparing this to the drama, because there’s no reason to. They are completely different. Hagu still gets on my nerves a bit, but I like her.

It makes me want to go to their college in Tokyo. 😀

Anyone else notice that while Mayama, Takemoto, Ayumi, Hanamoto-sensei and even Nomiya all get their chances to narrate a bit, Morita and Hagu never do? You never know what they’re thinking. You might know what Takemoto THINKS their thinking… Haha. Well, I don’t have much else to say for now, other than yeah HAPPINESS IN A BOX.


Episodes watched: 38/167

Along with Rurouni Kenshin, my two shounen super fighting loves~ I really can’t explain why it is that I enjoy Rurouni Kenshin and InuYasha so much… there’s just something about them. Course, the InuYasha manga is decades better than the anime. I ordered the second season box from ebay for an astonishing price, I’m very happy. The thing about the anime is, it’s so fun to watch because it’s like seeing the books be alive! Which is fun, but the other things such as art and production quality you kinda have to put up with. Because nothing beats Takahashi’s original drawings. I’m also not looking forward to the fillers and deviations from the original plot. But, I keep watching anyway. It’s fun (and I secretly laugh at the animation of youkai… its so bad -_-).


Episodes watched: 24/25


Ahhhhh it’s almost over… I loved watching this every Monday, it just helped me relax so much. Of course, I didn’t really need help with relaxing, which I probably do TOO much. But it was still something to look forward too. And next week is the finale.

It’s weird, because rather than hating this because I read the manga first, I think I only LIKED it because I’ve read the manga. If I hadn’t gotten so attached to the manga, I wouldn’t have enjoyed seeing it animated at all. So, yes, this turned out to be a disappointing adaption… the art was crappy and the pacing was a bit too slow. It also seemed to me like they sort of toned it down for younger kids. Plus it’s gonna end before like 1/2 the plot happens. But for me, this was like InuYasha… it’s just fun to see one of your favorite manga animated, regardless of the crap production values. And Kyoko is so perfectly kick-ass. So I’m content.


I miss Saiunkoku Mongatari. D: I’m really REALLY hoping all the season 3 rumors are true. And that this season 3 will be aired SOON. But in the meantime, I’ve downloaded The Twelve Kingdoms (Juuni Kokuki). And I guess there’s also Fushigi Yuugi. I never watched the anime, but I read all the books.


Yes, it’s SPRING! Late Spring is my favorite time ever. But that’s still a short way away… its so cold still ><. But on to the point, this means not only warmer weather and cherry blossoms, but also a new season of TV SHOWS. I mentioned I don’t care for any dramas this season. The only thing I feel any inclination to watch right now is Oni no Sumika. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s ever been subbed. Oh, I did plan on finishing Time Between Dog and Wolf… That’ll probably wait till Summer though. HEY. Back to the new season.

While I won’t be following any dramas (probably), there are two anime I will be checking out and possibly following.


Yayyyy a bishi anime. Ish.  I can’t exactly say why, but this sounds promising. Will possibly fill the hole SaiMono left. I only think that because it says “Politics”… it takes place in the Middle East, focusing on the daughter of a powerful industrialist. Woah I’m excited. Doesn’t it look like it might be sort of Saiunkoku Monogatari-ish?!


Well, hopefully I’m not setting my expectations too high. There will be a post on the first episode! As long as someone subs it 0.O

Also: Studio Pierrot, hmmm. While they did do Ayashi no Ceres, I think the success behind that was more from the manga’s plot… hmmmm. This may or may not be good. We’ll just have to see.

This should be airing on APRIL 5th 2009. I AM OFFICIALLY EXCITED. Attention Fansubbers. I am now at your mercy. Please, please PLEASE at least sub the first episode. And the rest. Heehee.



This is a futuristic one, set in a post-Global-Warming Tokyo.  I’m taking a chance on this. I think the art will be good, and I’m hoping it’ll have a good plot, too. Unfortunately, it IS Gonzo at the helm on this one… I fear I may be disappointed. Ah well. Will blog first episode anyway.





I watched this pretty fast… it was a pleasant shoujo, and I’m happy to say that I don’t feel the need to compare it to the TWdrama ISWAK. I think that means they each made themselves an individual place. I like both.

I’m glad that I got to see how the original story ends, so now I have absolutely no reason to force myself to watch They Kiss Again. Phew. Although the author of the manga died before she could finish. So no one will ever know the true ending. Maybe Kotoko actually becomes a pedophile and goes after Yuuki. o.O I’m kidding. I like the happy happy Jpop OP and ED songs. The OP is so Summer-y. Of course I also like Irie’s character, but I really think Joe Cheng did a good job playing him. It’s so great how he never gets sappy or suddenly for some mysterious reason completely changes his personality because of Kotoko. I love that. Amazingly, Kotoko doesn’t completely piss me off. So I’m content. I think this will go in the same category as Lovely Complex and Ouran HS HC for making me happy and comforted.

I think that about wraps it up for today. It’s nice to have a good varied and picture-filled post again.

PS. I’m also reading Rurouni Kenshin. More on that next time.


Laziness Update

March 11, 2009

I’ve been so lazy about blogging lately, since I’m so bad at reviews. I can’t ever think clearly. Also I’m too lazy to get pictures. D: But~ EXCITING NEWS ANYWAYS!!!!!

Nodame Cantabile the drama is continuing! Same actors; picks up where the last 2 specials from 2008 left off. There are going to be, not one, but TWO Nodame Cantabile movies! The first on is supposed to be released in December 2009; filming to start in Europe in May. I love Nodame~ I’ve been thinking about it recently. I’m so glad we get to see the plot continuation that happens since the manga is ongoing. I have too many manga series to read, and I like the Nodame drama better, so this is perfect.

Man, first we get a new season of Inuyasha, which will probably have an all-time low of fillers since the manga has now finished, then we get THIS? *Is happy*

Well… I was REALLY excited about the Inuyasha thing. As I mentioned previously. Eheh. So I bought the 2nd season box set on ebay. Yay. Soon I will be done with the manga… I have about 100 chapters left. I’m also watching several animes right now… There’s Skip Beat on mondays, and Michiko to Hatchin, which is taking ages to download… Also Spice and Wolf, which I’m watching just for the hell of it since its short. And, since I was downloading ISWAK, I decided to also get Itazura na Kiss the anime. So that too. God.

Since I suck, I probably won’t be writing a real review for Hana Yori Dango Final.

Oh god… thinking about ISWAK reminded me of the whole turning-Skip-Beat-into-a-Taiwanese-drama thing. DAMN. I might watch it just to amuse myself though. Ariel Lin can’t play Kyoko… no one is cool enough to play Kyoko… And Jerry Yan as Ren? How can they cast anyone as Ren? Aghh. “Extravagant Challenge”. No. NO. But I will watch the first episode anyway just to have a field day with the bashing (I’m a hippocrite. Didn’t I say once that you have to consider different adaptions of the same storyline as seperate from each other? But still… it’s a TWdrama. What else can I expect?)

Well, just had to mention little Nodame here. MOVIE. TWO MOVIES.


March 7, 2009


Are they really going to continue the InuYasha anime now that the manga has ended?!?!??!?!


Okay. Now I’m calm.

WEHASKLJLHFASJLKD. I just saw a link on Amazon to InuYasha Season 7, realeased April 2009. OH MY GOD. This is so amazing. Now I actually have motivation to finish the anime. I was just thinking about dropping it, because the manga is so much better. I don’t know hwy, they’re not that different, but I just really prefer the manga. But now~ if they’re going to fix the anime so it won’t end at a terrible place like only halfway through the actually plot~


Okay, NOW I’m calm. Teehee.

I did start watching Michiko e Hatchin yesterday, I think I will like it. One episode 3. Anyway, I’m gonna continue downloading and watching it. I haven’t really watched a lot of this particular type of stuff, so it’s kinda refreshing for me. God, I have so much stuff to do. I will never be bored again, ever. EVER.

MWAHAHA Season 7! If its a lie, I will send in 10,000 angry crazy fan letters to the Animation Studio until they have to continue the anime. And they have to keep the the plot of the manga.



Why didn’t I know about this? D:

Ryuusei no Kizuna FINALE + update at the bottom :)

March 4, 2009

Yes, I finally finished it! Ryuusei no Kizuna, the best jdrama out for a while now! I don’t think I’m gonna include any spoilers, but I might accidentally, so watch out… because I’m about to say what I thought of the end.

SO UNEXPECTED. I never even suspected at all. And neither did you. Don’t lie. Although I don’t watch a whole lot of murder mysteries, so I wasn’t really trying to solve it on my own. I just go with the flow.

So: yes, the actual series ending was very predictable, but the solution to the murder case was insane! I loved it.

Overall this series was QUITE random. It wavered between seemingly episodic swindling plots, weird humor, family drama, murder mystery, cooking… dang. I found it very pleasant on the whole, though. Maybe someone who’s brain is more normal than mine wouldn’t like it… (in case you haven’t heard yet, I. AM. VERY. BIASED.)

I’m also feeling lazy, so I’m gonna do this:

RATINGS (out of 10):

Unbiased – 8.5

Biased – 9.5

Kurosagi definitely should have been like this; with more of a plot behind the swindling arcs.Then maybe I would finish it D:


I have now finished the 2 main series I’ve been following for the past 2 months, so now it is time to start blogging new ones! Let’s see, right now I’m about halfway through InuYasha (manga), and I’ve watched the first season of the anime. Okay, I’m not gonna have much to say about InuYasha. Yes, I love it, but hello? There is no character development and it’s rather repetitive. I would like to say that I like the manga much better, but I like the anime music.

Since I’ve already downloaded it, most likely next time will be Michiko e Hatchin. I’m not really sure about this series yet, but I do plan on watching the episodes I’ve downloaded.

Lately what with all the Ranma and InuYasha, I’ve started missing Rurouni Kenshin… so I’m gonna read the manga and find out what REALLY happens in the plot. That third season of the anime was torture. Also planning to rewatch some of the anime if I have time, and the OVAs. I will most definitely blog the OVA’s (when I get around to them), but probably not the manga/anime. Although a comparison post could be amusing.

Unfortunately, I recently joined MyAnimeList (u/n: jeanniex). Which means my to-watch/read list basically just trippled. SO MUCH. And so I have a huge headache now. Oh, but what a lovely, lovely headache it is~ (secretly happy)

Anyway, my schedule is booked until the end of time now.