Ryuusei no Kizuna FINALE + update at the bottom :)

Yes, I finally finished it! Ryuusei no Kizuna, the best jdrama out for a while now! I don’t think I’m gonna include any spoilers, but I might accidentally, so watch out… because I’m about to say what I thought of the end.

SO UNEXPECTED. I never even suspected at all. And neither did you. Don’t lie. Although I don’t watch a whole lot of murder mysteries, so I wasn’t really trying to solve it on my own. I just go with the flow.

So: yes, the actual series ending was very predictable, but the solution to the murder case was insane! I loved it.

Overall this series was QUITE random. It wavered between seemingly episodic swindling plots, weird humor, family drama, murder mystery, cooking… dang. I found it very pleasant on the whole, though. Maybe someone who’s brain is more normal than mine wouldn’t like it… (in case you haven’t heard yet, I. AM. VERY. BIASED.)

I’m also feeling lazy, so I’m gonna do this:

RATINGS (out of 10):

Unbiased – 8.5

Biased – 9.5

Kurosagi definitely should have been like this; with more of a plot behind the swindling arcs.Then maybe I would finish it D:


I have now finished the 2 main series I’ve been following for the past 2 months, so now it is time to start blogging new ones! Let’s see, right now I’m about halfway through InuYasha (manga), and I’ve watched the first season of the anime. Okay, I’m not gonna have much to say about InuYasha. Yes, I love it, but hello? There is no character development and it’s rather repetitive. I would like to say that I like the manga much better, but I like the anime music.

Since I’ve already downloaded it, most likely next time will be Michiko e Hatchin. I’m not really sure about this series yet, but I do plan on watching the episodes I’ve downloaded.

Lately what with all the Ranma and InuYasha, I’ve started missing Rurouni Kenshin… so I’m gonna read the manga and find out what REALLY happens in the plot. That third season of the anime was torture. Also planning to rewatch some of the anime if I have time, and the OVAs. I will most definitely blog the OVA’s (when I get around to them), but probably not the manga/anime. Although a comparison post could be amusing.

Unfortunately, I recently joined MyAnimeList (u/n: jeanniex). Which means my to-watch/read list basically just trippled. SO MUCH. And so I have a huge headache now. Oh, but what a lovely, lovely headache it is~ (secretly happy)

Anyway, my schedule is booked until the end of time now.


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