Laziness Update

I’ve been so lazy about blogging lately, since I’m so bad at reviews. I can’t ever think clearly. Also I’m too lazy to get pictures. D: But~ EXCITING NEWS ANYWAYS!!!!!

Nodame Cantabile the drama is continuing! Same actors; picks up where the last 2 specials from 2008 left off. There are going to be, not one, but TWO Nodame Cantabile movies! The first on is supposed to be released in December 2009; filming to start in Europe in May. I love Nodame~ I’ve been thinking about it recently. I’m so glad we get to see the plot continuation that happens since the manga is ongoing. I have too many manga series to read, and I like the Nodame drama better, so this is perfect.

Man, first we get a new season of Inuyasha, which will probably have an all-time low of fillers since the manga has now finished, then we get THIS? *Is happy*

Well… I was REALLY excited about the Inuyasha thing. As I mentioned previously. Eheh. So I bought the 2nd season box set on ebay. Yay. Soon I will be done with the manga… I have about 100 chapters left. I’m also watching several animes right now… There’s Skip Beat on mondays, and Michiko to Hatchin, which is taking ages to download… Also Spice and Wolf, which I’m watching just for the hell of it since its short. And, since I was downloading ISWAK, I decided to also get Itazura na Kiss the anime. So that too. God.

Since I suck, I probably won’t be writing a real review for Hana Yori Dango Final.

Oh god… thinking about ISWAK reminded me of the whole turning-Skip-Beat-into-a-Taiwanese-drama thing. DAMN. I might watch it just to amuse myself though. Ariel Lin can’t play Kyoko… no one is cool enough to play Kyoko… And Jerry Yan as Ren? How can they cast anyone as Ren? Aghh. “Extravagant Challenge”. No. NO. But I will watch the first episode anyway just to have a field day with the bashing (I’m a hippocrite. Didn’t I say once that you have to consider different adaptions of the same storyline as seperate from each other? But still… it’s a TWdrama. What else can I expect?)

Well, just had to mention little Nodame here. MOVIE. TWO MOVIES.


One Response to Laziness Update

  1. haha says:

    wow!!!! realli??? nodame movie is comining out??!! I love nodame too!!!!
    She’s so cute though she’s blur and weird…. haha:]
    Her character is kinda different in last friend huh?? i didnt notice it actually…. oh…i think she is good in both drama!!! :]

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