Honey & Clover again; Skip Beat; and excitement~

I’ve been in San Francisco! Ahhh its so nice there. I love palm trees… but, now I am back. Since the last post, I’ve finished 2 series and some other shtuff has come up. So hereee goes.


<< Completed >>

h and c final

Ahhh man I’m gonna run out of Honey & Clover pictures =_= I still have all of season 2 to post about… Damn windows. Why can’t I take screenshots? Why? *Sigh* Anyways, the point is this: I finished H&C, also the specials (episodes L and F) and I have completed 3/12 episodes of the second season! I pretty much loved all of Honey & Clover. As I mentioned before, it is like happiness in a box. The music is lovely, the art is lovely and the characters and plot are lovely. Takemoto looks so manly in the last episode, haha. I know most of the plot from the drama, but this is MILES AND LEAGUES AND FATHOMS AND LIGHTYEARS AND WHATEVER OTHER MEASURES OF DISTANCE THERE ARE BETTER. Needless to say, I am way to biased to write a review. But ranting is fun too.

>>Season 2:

I’m obviously happy that the studio decided to continue it. This way we get the whole plot from the manga and of course its always wonderful to see more of an anime you really like. I loved episode 3; I’m pretty much a super Nomiya X Yamada supporter now. As ever. The only bad thing is that it’s just a tiny 12 episodes long, and the whole first episode was a recap. But if you read my Saiunkoku Monogatari II post you’ll know I can deal with recaps. Looking forward to the rest!


<< Completed >>

… I ran out of pictures for this also. 😛 Since the animation was pretty much mediocre, I don’t really want screenshots anyways. Well, I don’t have much to say that I haven’t already said about Skip Beat. BWAHHHHH WHY DID THEY MAKE IT SO LAME? They best thing about the anime adaption was Kyoko’s anger brought to life, and the fact that the fansubbers got it up every Monday like clockwork. But then… the animation, music, pacing were all extremely mediocre if not just bad. And what was with the editing? The director made it all little kid friendly. It was especially lame how when Kyoko gave Ren the finger in the manga, they changed it to… a “thumbs down” sign? COME ON. How is that offensive at all? *Cries*. Well, I think you understand. That was my little rant. But yeah, everything I’ve said in previous Skip Beat posts pretty much covers how I feel about this.


As for Michiko to Hatchin, I am still watching at 19/22, it’s a bit slow because the downloads take foreverrrr. Of course I still really like it. But I think I’m gonna hold off on comments until I finish; only 3 episodes left.

InuYasha: I am still watching! This is like my fallback anime. I always have this to watch in case I somehow run out of other stuff (how the hell that would happen, I’m not sure but it could be possible). It’s just gonna be really slow. So I’m probably not gonna mention it much here.

Oh yeah, there was this, too: I was in kind of a Ouran HSHC mood today, so I decided to watch some Special A on youtube. Urggh. Go away if you liked it, because I’m just gonna pick on it here. This is an example of what happens when you pick a random shoujo manga and try to make it into something watchable without a genius person at the helm. Sorry guys, but shoujo manga is NOT a reliable way to get an anime plot. Yes, I love shoujo when it’s good. Emphasis on the GOOD part. Yes, I only watched 3 episodes, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. It might just be me, but I thought the whole Special A class thing was a bit too righteous. Also, God Damn if Hikari and her seiyuu didn’t piss me off SO MUCH. Sigh.

Okay, I’m done. I admit I was just picking on this sad little shoujo lameness of an anime. But I did choose to watch it. I’m sorry if that offended anyone D:


On a happier and less grumpy note: There’s another Spring ’09 anime that I’m planning on posting a first impressions thing for!

HIGASHI NO EDEN (Eden of the East)

Woah, like the John Steinbeck novel/James Dean movie? *Reads synopsis* Errr not? I confess: it was just the name that attracted me to this. Anything that has “Eden” in it makes me think it’ll be good. Not sure why, it’s totally not based on reality at all. But I fall for it every time. Once I read the summary, though, it kept me interested.  And another plus, this already has a fansub group. So out of the 3 I’m intrigued by this season, you’ll definitely be hearing more from me on this.


I’m feeling lazy once again, so you’ll have to look up a reliable summary on your own this time. Basic plot (summary by me :]) – Future, girl meets wierdo guy in Washington DC, sounds kinda like the Bourne Identity (I LOVE THAT MOVIE, by the way; I watched it recently and I can’t wait to see the next 2. It was so good!).

Like? I do.

Well, my motivation for today has just disappeared, so I think that’ll be all. Plus Honey & Clover II, Michiko to Hatchin 20, and Nodame Cantabile 7 all just finished downloading. Yay. Oh I didn’t mention that I’m rewatching Nodame (when I have time). I watched it on veoh before, so now I’m downloading it and watching each one as they finish.


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