Michiko to Hatchin is over… D:

m to h

ZOMG MICHIKO TO HATCHIN! As soon as I finished it, my first thoughts were

A) GAHHHH Why is it over?

B) That. Was so good.

I never, ever had ANY idea where the show was going, even down to the final minutes. Seriously epic anime. The only problem is how high it just set the bar… I can barely see it anymore (the bar)! And that ending…

Despite all the signs and doubts, I was kinda of in the “But isn’t Hiroshi a nice guy?” camp until the last episode… I was totally expecting some miraculous explanation for everything. But now I get it… All you see of Hiroshi for basically the entire show is flashbacks through Michiko and Satoshi, and THEY both believe in him. So you end up agreeing with Michiko and Satoshi and thinking Hiroshi is such a sweet guy (Okay, maybe Satoshi didn’t think “sweet”, but he obviously thought Hiroshi was the only person he might hesitate to kill).

So yeah, really cool for not going with a standard and predictable end. Unpredictable and random right till the end. Also, while I wouldn’t use the term to label the genre, I think Michiko to Hatchin turned out to be a bit of a “Slice of Life”, since you never really get the whole plot and picture laid out nicely for you. Each episode, and the parts of each episode was a little slice. That was also what made that ending actually work. Usually “*blank* years later…” endings piss me off because you don’t really need them, you already knew it would be all happy and perfect.

But, since Michiko to Hatchin was ALL so random and slice-y and jumping around, it worked! Especially since they realized they didn’t even nee to write “*blank* years later…” across the screen. Oh and that clip of the older Hatchin at the beginning of the first episode… you kind of know it’s her, but you’re not sure…

Oh, oh – Satoshi’s end was perfect too. It was realistic and subtle… the more you think about it, the more it’s awesome!

Mustn’t forget the music! I loved the OP and BGM. The ED was okay too.

The character development was also excellent. Although you could say the entire plot feels a bit unclear, doesn’t life?

Ahaha, that’s enough philosophy for now. If you’re completely sick of everything remotely ordinary, and if you’re not, please give this a try, and keep an open mind. First appearances are a bit decieving on this one.


Eheh, just have to mention here that I’ve only got 2 episodes left of Honey & Clover II. This is really tragic. I don’t want it to end! Season 2 is so good… already at 10/12 episodes… Wah. I’ll probably be posting on this next.


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